New Instructional Programs & Offerings Debut at Edwin Watts Golf Academy

New Instructional Programs & Offerings Debut at Edwin Watts Golf Academy Locations in Savannah, Ga., Naples, Fla., and Palm Harbor, Fla.

FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla., July 24, 2013…Edwin Watts Golf Shops (EWGS), one of the world’s largest specialty golf retailers with over 90 locations, today announced new instructional programs and offerings at the Edwin Watts Golf Academies located at the Savannah, Ga., Naples, Fla., and Palm Harbor, Fla. shops. The Savannah, Naples and Palm Harbor academies join 16 other locations nationwide that offer advanced instructional programming from certified golf professionals.

The Edwin Watts Golf Academy offers instructional programming to cover all aspects of the game, including full swing, short game and putting. Golfers of all skill levels, including elite players, beginners and juniors can take advantage of state of the art technology in a comfortable environment, under the guidance of a knowledgeable certified golf professional. All instructional sessions utilize advanced technology, whereby the certified instructor can visually break down the golf swing, and effectively communicate any strengths and/or swing flaws to the student. As part of the curriculum, certified instructors utilize Tomi, a putting training device that visually records the eight key parameters of a student’s putting stroke in real-time, enabling golfers to visualize their stroke, and make the necessary adjustments to improve their short game.

In addition to providing lessons, Edwin Watts Golf Academy certified instructors can utilize the Company’s in-store launch monitor and swing analysis software to conduct custom fitting sessions for golfers of all ages and skill levels. In fact, all instructors have access to the “ClubSmarts Report,” the centerpiece of Edwin Watts Golf’s ARC (Advanced Robot Certified) Club Matching System, designed to objectively “club match and performance fit” golfers with products that best perform to their swing characteristics.

“Golfers of all skill levels can benefit from this type of instruction, as Marc Fagan has implemented a fantastic curriculum that has proven to be effective,” said John Watson, CEO, Edwin Watts Golf. “By using advanced technology to capture your swing, our certified instructors can pinpoint exactly what you’re doing right – and wrong – and immediately work on the necessary swing adjustments to help optimize your performance.”

The Edwin Watts Golf Academy curriculum was created by longtime certified teaching professional, Marc Fagan. While Fagan oversees all instructional programming, the Senior Instructors at each respective location are Cliff Carlile, Palm Harbor; J.T Watkins, Naples; and Derek Knowles, Savannah. For information on instructional programs available at the Palm Harbor, Naples or Savannah locations, or for a list of all Edwin Watts Golf Academies that offer instructional programming, visit