SkyGolf(R) to Reveal Revolutionary GameTraXTM 360 System at the 2024 PGA Show

RIDGELAND, MS, January 23, 2024… SkyGolf®, maker of SkyCaddie®, the most-trusted rangefinders in golf, announce that they will be exhibiting at the 2024 PGA Show in Florida January 23 – 26 in booth #1401 to reveal the revolutionary GameTraX 360TM system, the most advanced game and performance tracking product on the market for golfers. In addition, SkyGolf will introduce the SkyCaddie Pro 5X rangefinder representing the perfect platform for GameTraX 360 and the first of the Pro X series of rangefinders now with laser accuracy to meet the demands of professional golfers and recreational golfers who recognize the importance of having the right distance.
GameTraX 360, which is a combination of SkyGolf’s SuperTagsTM with a SkyCaddie rangefinder, allows a golfer to not only capture the location, club used and distance of each shot during a round, but it will also capture a virtual 3-D replication of the swing and putts that produced the shot along with club performance data such as club head speed, shaft angles at address and impact, and much more…all automatically to effectively obsolete other products in related categories.
The ground-breaking new GameTraX 360 system introduces next-generation technology to golf and is the giant leap forward for game-tracking which golfers have been waiting for…and the SkyCaddie Pro 5X is the perfect complement to this system. Nothing Else Comes Close®!
Now, you can have a virtual camera following you around the golf course, capturing all the details you would want of every swing, every shot and even every putt – and all you do is play your normal game and be able to see why you hit the great shot, or the shot that led to the double bogey! You can’t fix it if you can’t see it TM!
An integral part of the GameTraX 360 system and joining the SkyCaddie Pro X series of rangefinders in early 2024, are the revolutionary SkyGolf SuperTags. Adding less than a swing weight and affordable enough to add super-intelligence to every club in your bag, SuperTags are golf’s smallest, lightest and most powerful way to automatically capture strokes gained information but also capture your swing and club data that produced that good or bad shot impacting your score.
SkyGolf SuperTags feature a more advanced level of sensor technology than previously available in golf sensor products. They add less than a single swing weight and are less than half the price of competitive alternatives with no compromise in quality or accuracy of measurements…all with a battery life expectancy to average two years.
SuperTags, with its multiple-sensor and Bluetooth technology, leapfrog all other products in the game-tracking category by combining SkyCaddie’s exclusive, industry-leading, ground-mapped GPS golf course maps with a suite of automated game-tracking features and much improved reliability. Compared to other tracking products currently available, golfers will find a huge reduction in missed shots, greater accuracy, much simpler post-round editing tools, and more intuitive usability to overcome the resistance to broader adoption as cited by golfers who have tried but became dissatisfied with current offerings in the market.
The addition of capturing your swing and club performance data, both visualized in 3D and data form, makes SuperTags the next BIG THING in golf – and they are affordable enough to add to all the clubs in your bag. Golfers will find SuperTags are the best way yet to take a deep dive into their in-play performance, including calculating Strokes Gained with no intrusion needed during play.
“We are excited to introduce GameTraX 360 at the PGA Show and continue our tradition of bringing innovation to golfers that makes them better and have more fun! Starting with pioneering GPS rangefinders for personal use on the golf course or bringing affordability to having your own simulation system at home, GameTraX 360 may be our best innovation yet,” said Jacqui Surman, SkyGolf Senior VP and COO. “GameTraX 360 with SkyGolf’s SuperTags uses breakthrough technology to provide unmatched on-course and off-course performance tracking information and actionable data with no intrusion, no buttons to push, no cameras to set up and no distractions during play. You can just go play and automatically gather more actionable data than you could imagine for game improvement or sharing your actual game play with your coach!”
The SkyCaddie Pro 5X is based upon its proprietary TruePoint Precision Positioning Technology powered by a high-performance GPS engine which doubles the error correction technology to provide unmatched accuracy and reliability in the same category as lasers. The laser-like accuracy of SkyCaddie’s new Pro X series is crucial to a golfer’s confidence, which is further enhanced by the most complete, most reliable and the only ground verified course maps in the game. To trust their club, a golfer must be able to trust their caddie, just like a Tour player. SkyCaddies are the closest thing to a Tour players yardage book but automated to provide the best course management information faster and more reliably than any alternative. NOTHING ELSE COMES CLOSE!
“Why guess what you can measure?” said Chris Trottie, Trottie Golf. “SkyGolf and I are aligned with the belief that better golf comes through better information. And now the visual and data analysis tools supplied by the new GameTraX 360 system, featuring SkyGolf SuperTags, are the simplest, least intrusive and most comprehensive solution yet seen in golf to both measure and accurately capture the information you need to analyze and improve your game. Capturing “Strokes Gained” information while playing has never been easier and the ability to capture the swing that produced the shot has never been practical before the SuperTag.”
SkyGolf’s GameTraX 360 powered by its next generation SuperTag includes the following advanced technologies/features/benefits.
Advanced Ball Strike Technology (ABS TechnologyTM) uses high precision sensors with a combination of proprietary and patented know-how to capture both, but distinguish between actual shots and practice swings, including putts, both on and off the course automatically. No interaction required by golfer with near 100% reliability in shot capture while discarding practice swings.
ClubTrakTM 360 Technology captures not only the club used, shot location and distance like other game tracking products, but it also eliminates missed and false shots while capturing the path of the club from address back to impact, and a multitude of actionable performance data for the club and swing. For the first time, recreational and aspiring professional golfers can capture all the data needed to visually see how they perform on the course for each shot with data such as club head speed, tempo, shaft angles, club position from address to impact, attack angles, and much more with no intrusion into the enjoyment of your round. JUST GO PLAY!
SwingVueTM 360 Technology utilizes the thousands of data points captured during play or practice to create a virtual 3-D replay of your swing and club path as if multiple cameras were set up for each shot on or off the course. Also, you can identify swing faults by comparing your favorite swing or the one your teacher wants you to groove to the swings you take while playing. And fixing faults has never been easier with multiple groove sessions to see it, focus on it, and fix it. Does your club track to far inside and under the plane on takeaway or coming over the top on your downswing? YOU CAN’T FIX IT IF YOU CAN’T SEE ITTM. NOW YOU CAN SEE IT FOR THE FIRST TIME AND WITHOUT INTRUSION INTO YOUR GAME.
AirSwing Technology allows the capture of your swing and club data such as club head speed and swing path when hitting balls is not practical or required. AirSwing Technology is especially useful for applications such as speed training as well as grooving a swing without the intimidation or risk of hitting an actual ball.
Patented Calibration Technology is used by SkyGolf in setting up the SuperTag to precisely match the sensors to the club face alignment, loft, and club length to enable superior accuracy over other sensor products that rely upon manual alignment.
SkyGolf’s SDK (Software Developers Kit) expands the benefits of SuperTag technology to third-party platforms. Imagine the improvement enjoyment and in data integrity by avoiding manual entry with the automatic capture of the club used, club metrics and a 3-D replication of your swing while using one of the popular golf simulation or launch monitor products.
All data captured and measured by the SkyGolf SuperTags within the GameTraX 360 system are stored in the golfer’s personal SkyGolf 360® online space. This provides the player and his teacher with a library of their personal performance history, and a wealth of patterns for further analysis, including strokes gained and lost. But, in addition to any other product, get hole-by-hole visualizations of historic play, including swings for every shot or putt, over a multitude of rounds.
The GameTraX 360 system has been developed and perfected over more than a decade since SkyGolf was the first to introduce the concept of intelligent SmartClubs at the 2010 PGA Show. GameTraX 360 represents over 15 years of research and development to find the solution to the flaws present in not only SkyGolf’s initial product but other game-tracking systems currently available in the market and add more actionable and useful data without distracting from the fun of play.
Fewer missed or false shots and intuitive and easy edit tools make post-round work a breeze….and golfers and their coaches can now compare golf swing mechanics from your real-world rounds, against the way you swing the club in practice or a formal coaching environment.
How different is your golf swing out on the course, from your golf swing during practice or a golf lesson? The great Ben Hogan has been credited saying that a golfer has three swings: The one you PRACTICE with, the one you PLAY with, and the one you PLAY WITH UNDER PRESSURE. Now you can see all three.
And before you tee off, does your putting stroke on the practice green change when – a few minutes later – you putt under the pressure for a birdie on the first hole?
To better simulate the feeling of a real golf at the 2024 PGA Show, SkyGolf’s’s GameTraX 360 and SuperTags will be demonstrated using an adjustable Zen Green Stage in booth #1401, to show the advantages and insights technology can give to golfers looking to hole out under pressure on real-world breaking putts.
Also, SkyGolf is pleased to announce that Chris Trott, the dynamic golf industry content creator and social media personality known as Trottie Golf, will be in the SkyGolf booth doing demos of the new SkyCaddie products on Wednesday, January 24th and Thursday, January 25th at 10:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M.
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