V1 Sports Debuts New Golf Studio System Packages

Golf swing video analysis platform helps instructors and golfers be their best

Ann Arbor, MI – V1 Sports (V1), producers of the leading golf video instruction technology platform for teaching pros and golfers, has released new turnkey indoor studio system packages that provide hardware including high definition, high frame rate cameras along with its powerful video analysis software.

The newly developed packages are designed to meet the needs of high-end golf academies, individual instructors, and home installation projects.

“V1 has a long history of outfitting many of the world’s best teaching facilities with solutions that fit the facility, the instructor and the golfer needs,” Chris McGinley, CEO of V1 Sports, said. “Indoor studios provide distinct advantages and create an excellent environment for teaching and learning. That is why V1 has made it a priority to provide turnkey packages that enhance the get-better experience.”

Two desktop packages offer state-of-the-art processing power for high speed video capture and clarity.  There are five laptop system packages to choose from providing flexibility and more mobility. Each package from premium to basic is designed to give the instructor or golfer the best option for their indoor studio while simultaneously providing great value at different price points.

V1 golf studio benefits include capturing the swing and club with great clarity for swing analysis and lesson creation. Powerful V1 Pro HD software lets you livestream one, two or up to eight high-definition cameras and run in continuous, automatic capture mode via a hit microphone. Eight preset swing sequence positions can be activated for quick analysis and synchronized comparison with models. Four times more drawing tools than a mobile app provides the ability to create personalized lessons, tips, drills or demo videos.

For all golf studio systems V1 supplies the computer, camera, cables, mounts, microphones and tests all components before boxing with plug-n-play instructions.  One call to V1 support covers both hardware and software for your convenience.

Click on the link to see all the benefits: https://v1sports.com/coaches-instructors/golf-studio-systems/#benefits.

For packaging options and details please visit:  https://v1sports.com/coaches-instructors/golf-studio-systems/

About V1 Sports

Founded in 1995, V1 Sports (V1) is the leader in video swing analysis software. The V1 Golf game improvement platform delivers golf instruction by connecting golf professionals and golfers to improve performance. V1 is recognized as the pioneer in delivering seamless video lessons with integrated telestration and voiceover. V1 products capture, review and analyze swing video for the creation and sharing of golf lessons and instruction content. To date V1 has delivered over 3 million internet video lessons by its more than 6,000 PGA golf professionals, including many Top 100 instructors. V1 Pro HD software is used by the most respected coaches, instructors, athletes and training facilities around the world. The V1 Golf App also enjoys worldwide leadership among consumers as evidenced by millions of downloads. In 2016 and 2017 Golf Digest ranked V1 the No. 1 Video Analysis Software in its category. Visit https://v1sports.com/.