80BREAKR Unveils Advanced App Features

San Diego, CA -- The 80BREAKR™ golf scorecard app now includes advanced features that make it an even more user-friendly experience -- a result of direct feedback from golfers.  
"We are very excited to get all these improvements into the 80BREAKR™ app over a couple of official releases in the coming days,” says Thomas Stewart, President and Developer of the 80BREAKR golf app.  “We are surprised by the high adoption rate of the 80BREAKR™ app by golfers so early in the season, as well as by golf courses looking to boost revenue & profit for 2018."

One-Tap Scoring
The first new feature is one-tap scoring. While two-tap scoring was fantastic, our app’s users thought we needed to do even better. So, we have. With one-tap scoring, if someone pars any hole, the next open hole for any golfer on the scorecard can be auto-filled with a par by tapping the par row on the scorecard for that hole. Mind you, we still offer two-tap scoring -- just tap the box you'd write the score in on a piece of paper, and select score, and you're done.
GPS Flyovers
The second new feature is a GPS flyover view of every hole. Simply tap the hole number, and you’ll see the hole’s graphics along with a shot-distance tool.

Fewer Buttons
The latest version of the app also features fewer buttons, which helps simplify the interface. 80BREAKR previously displayed eight buttons across the top of the scorecard...that has been reduced to four without lessening functionality. Selecting a golf course is now tappable on the golf course row, stats is a drop-down menu, voice-input is tapping the scorecard 80BREAKR logo, and we've dumped the seldom used "new game" button.

One-Time Sign-In
The next release of the app will have a "remember me" checkbox. So, from any device, you simply need to login once, check the box, and you’ll never have to login for that device again -- even if it has been powered off or reset.

Easier to Add your Friends to your scorecard
80BREAKR™ is always looking to reduce screen taps & make it easier to use.  Most golfers play with golfers they know, so we help you enter your friends using your Contacts on your phone.  How?   After you hit the add player “+” button, as you start to type a friend's name, the 80BREAKR™ app looks for matches in your contacts and auto-fills name and email address to make it easier to add players to the scorecard.

iPhone 8, 8+, iPhone X, & more
There are many improvements you can see and take advantage of, but there are also a bunch of improvements you can't see:  We've made updates for new Apple devices, several changes when connecting to the GPS satellites & the 80BREAKR™ server in background mode.  While the app is waiting for connectivity, the app keeps working as the best & easiest golf scorecard ever!  Our mission to help amateur golfers improve is the driving force behind every change we make in the 80BREAKR™ app.

80BREAKR™ Saves Your Scorecards
Finally, 80BREAKR is releasing an update that keeps your scorecards seamlessly and securely on our server. This is very convenient for golfers who can use their phone one day to keep score, an iPad or tablet the next, then go back to their phone after that. All the while, all scorecards are accessible from any device.

About 80BREAKR™ 
Thomas Stewart is a mechanical engineer with 24 U.S. patents for high-end computer design across three high-tech Silicon Valley companies. He's led teams of engineers to deliver high-quality computer designs on time and on schedule. In 2012, he went to play golf with a friend who was a beginner -- and almost lost. Being a lifelong golfer, that did not sit well. Tom downloaded every golf app available, and was frustrated with all of them.  They detracted from his golf game, and left him by himself off the green while his foursome was already teeing off on the next hole as he tried to enter scores and use terribly designed golf apps. Worse yet, they had no easy way to measure your game or let you focus your practice time and lessons.

This is how the 80BREAKR app was born, out of frustration with other apps and a desire to finally break 80 for an 18-hole round. Tom used his engineering design skills to create the best golf scorecard app. He included everything he wanted from a golf app that no other app provided -- competing, skins, GPS, on-course shot tracking, automatic handicap posting and much more. Using his project management skills, he hired and led the programming team to successfully implement this full-featured golf app that debuted in 2015.