59WATCH Matches Amateurs Versus Pros In New Golf TV Show

Richmond, Virginia USA
October 14, 2015

Scramble Productions announces pre-production has started for its new golf competition program, “59Watch.” Teams of amateur and pro golfers, pitted against each other and the course, will compete under various formats to reach golf’s magic number of 59. Styled as a one hour golf telecast with bonus and live interactive online content, its team of booth and on course Hosts will engage players and fans during an 18 hole competition.

While the pros are left to their own routines, amateur teams will benefit from the assistance of a Caddie who will chart the course with his or her team during a practice round and hold a strategy session to help them develop a winning plan. The Caddie-Player relationship will be on full display, and elements of design and game management will be explored in short in-show segments and as extended digital features. At its heart, though, is the competition, which will be played under the Rules of Golf with only local variations to suit the episode’s format. The title refers to a team’s status upon reaching crucial scoring milestones during the round of competition. A team is “on 59Watch” when they reach a certain number of strokes under par with enough holes left to be within reach of 59. A typical match features an amateur foursome versus a pro twosome, and while creative course setups and diverse team combinations add interest, a fair fight is guaranteed. Stress on the teams will increase as every stroke under par heightens the pressure of attaining 59.

Lead partner in Scramble Productions and show creator John Klisz explains the concept: “The goal of 59Watch is to entertain and inspire by presenting compelling golf competitions to both the casual and core fan and anyone looking to take up the game. By offering a second screen experience and introducing some fresh technologies never before used on a golf course, we aim to contribute to the overall enjoyment and growth of the sport.”

He adds, “For those simply looking for one hour of entertaining golf, we deliver a first person view inside the competition and a winner at the end each round. Anyone wanting a more interactive experience can engage through our package of app based and social media activities that will be tied to each show.”

For the competitors, the stakes in 59Watch will be real. Pros compete for money, entry fees, and tour sponsors, while the amateur teams will be representing favored charities, seeking scholarships, or playing for home course pride. All players will be eligible for prize packages offered by show sponsors. Episodes of 59Watch are structured as self-contained, but each season will carry a unique theme such as Collegiate Rivals Challenge or Desert Shootout Series for which there will be a Super Scramble at season’s end for show winners. Some episodes will feature golfers “taken” by the Hosts while on their way to a golf trip and whisked away to be on 59Watch.

A grass roots funding campaign to assist producers in receiving investor and university matching funds will launch October 15th and a Donate button is now available on 59WatchTV.com. Show updates and contact information for interested amateur and pro teams can be found on the site and by following @59WatchTV on Twitter. Prospective show partners and sponsors are encouraged to contact Mr. Klisz.

Scramble Partners, dba Scramble Productions, is a newly formed corporation operating in Richmond, Virginia and Charlotte, North Carolina. For general inquiries or to reach the managing partner contact