XXIO Introduces New XXIO Forged Irons

Srixon Clevelan XXIOHUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – March 13, 2015 – XXIO® – U.S.A. is pleased to announce the XXIO Forged irons, which combine forgiveness and a soft iron forging. The new clubs will be released in stores on March 15, 2015.

MAP prices for graphite shaft clubs are $1,199.99 for the 6-club set (#5-9, PW), prices for the steel shaft clubs are $959.99 for the 6-club set (#5-9, PW). Individual clubs (#4, AW, SW) are $200.00 each for graphite shafts and $160.00 for steel shafts.
The New XXIO Forged irons deliver painstaking attention to both feel and XXIO’s distinctive forgiveness. In addition to the long flight distance produced by Dunlop Sports’ original Dual Speed Technology (developed to achieve higher head speed and higher ball speed for longer flight distance). These irons are engineered to match golfers’ discerning tastes for attributes such as a soft feel at impact, head shape, and impact sound.

Key Features of the New XXIO Forged Irons
1. Increased repulsion performance for more distance (higher ball speed)

Enlarging the thin cavity behind the face at both the toe and heel expands the repulsion area, enhancing impact when the ball is struck lower on the face.

2. Newly developed shaft for higher head speeds

The newly developed MX-5000 graphite shaft and N.S. PRO 940GH DST steel shaft are lightweight shafts with the center of gravity moved closer to the grip, thereby increasing club head speed and distance through DST.


Distance is improved by utilizing a lightweight shaft with a CG closer to the grip. In addition, the N.S. PRO 940GH DST steel shaft employs a Natural Step Flow design which enables the performance tuning without changing the step positions. The design of the shaft tips for the long irons (#4~#6) have been made softer to increase launch angle for more longer ball flight, while the shaft tips for the short irons (#9, PW) have been stiffened to reduce flexibility, creating greater accuracy, with same look in all clubs.
Both iron shafts utilize Dual Speed Technology. DST lowers the Swing MOI – expressed as the smoothness of swinging with the shoulder as the center of rotation. The larger the value, the more difficult the club is to swing; the smaller the value, the easier it is to swing.

3. Pursuing the feel that mid-level to advanced golfers prefer

Improvements to the cavity suppress sound while maintaining the soft feel at impact, which forged iron golfers have grown accustomed to.

New XXIO Forged Irons—Overview
Head material
Face: HT1770 steel
Body: S25C soft iron
Mirror + satin + bead-shot finish

XXIO Forged original full rubber grip (with logo)
* Subject to change All clubs MADE IN JAPAN

For additional information on Srixon, Cleveland Golf, and XXIO products or their staff players, please visit: www.srixon.com, www.clevelandgolf.com, and www.xxiousa.com.