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Cleveland Golf Introduces New Wedge Analyzer Fitting System for 2015

Cleveland GolfHUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – March 9, 2015 – Cleveland® Golf, an industry leader in wedges and equipment innovation for more than 30 years, is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Cleveland Golf Wedge Analyzer™ fitting system with Swingbyte™ technology. The Cleveland Golf Wedge Analyzer provides a simple, quick and accurate way to fit golfers of all levels into the proper bounce and sole grind for their wedges.

The Cleveland Golf Wedge Analyzer is a Cleveland Fitting Wedge with a lightweight (approximately 1 oz.) Swingbyte motion analysis sensor permanently affixed just below the grip. During the fitting process, the sensor transmits swing data via Bluetooth to a computer or iPad, which then generates a 3-D rendering of the swing and calculates the key swing metrics. The Wedge Analyzer App uses metrics like attack angle and shaft lean at impact, in conjunction with typical turf conditions, to recommend the optimum bounce and sole grind for any golfer. Swingbyte’s patented motion sensor captures and sends thousands of “snapshots” per second to the Wedge Analyzer App, where proprietary algorithms immediately translate motion data into useful swing information and 3D animation. The Wedge Analyzer fitting system shows the golfer’s swing, which helps fitters to visually explain why they need the recommended bounce and sole grind. It also includes a database of iron set pitching wedge lofts to help fitters recommend the proper wedge lofts to complement the golfer’s irons.

“There has always been a lot of confusion in the marketplace about bounce and sole grinds on wedges, said Adam Sheldon, Brand Manager for Cleveland Golf. “This new Cleveland Wedge Analyzer fitting system enables fitters and consumers alike to determine which bounce and sole grind is right for each wedge in a golfer’s bag, especially indoors, at large retailers, where a large number of fittings take place.”

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