SkyGolf Unveils 360-Degree Connectivity Strategy With its New SkyGolf 360

RIDGELAND, Miss., January 19, 2015… SkyGolf®, maker of the #1-Rated and Most-Trusted Rangefinder in Golf, announced today it is unveiling its new SkyGolf 360™ connectivity solution for golfers.

At the center of all SkyGolf products is its new SkyGolf 360 architecture providing unmatched connectivity for golfers to upload performance data about their game to the SkyGolf 360 Cloud and then access such information for analysis, tracking progress and sharing successes via popular social networks. Each new SkyGolf product is engineered to connect wirelessly to the SkyGolf 360 Cloud via smartphones and tablets with a new SkyGolf 360 App provided for Free to each member of the SkyGolf community of passionate golfers.

SkyGolf unveils its 360-degree strategy as it continues to lead the industry into a new personal digital age – the age in which all aspects of a golfers game can be digitized, analyzed and shared, whether via a distance measuring device (SkyCaddie), your personal swing analyzer (SkyPro), your portable golf simulator and launch monitor (SkyTrak), your wearable shot-tracking system (Game Tracker), your connected smartphone (SkyCaddie Mobile and the SkyGolf 360 App), or your online Profile, Statistics and Trends that are stored in the SkyGolf 360 Cloud as part of a large and growing community of passionate golfers throughout the world.

“Not too many years ago, a golfer only had to choose a club brand and select a ball to play golf. Today, a golfer faces a proliferation of electronic devices on the market for measuring distance, game tracking, swing analysis, golf simulation and more. Each one has a specific purpose and works independently to try to satisfy a specific need. But as golfers add them to their arsenal individually and at different times, do they end up working collectively as a system to improve a golfers game and make the game more fun?”, said Richard Edmonson, CEO of SkyGolf. “We think not and it is why we have developed the SkyGolf 360 architecture to make sure all of our new products for both on course and off course use, work together to be both the best at delivering the specific benefit sought by the golfer, but then also have all the products work together within one eco-system to make the sum of the parts much more powerful and useful to a golfer. For example, all SkyCaddie rangefinder performance data collected on the course goes to same SkyGolf 360 Cloud as will the data coming from our new GameTracker, our SkyPro and the revolutionary SkyTrak that completes our ability to provide 360 degrees of service for play, practice and simulated game play both on and off the course.”

The Cloud-based SkyGolf 360 architecture provides golfers the connectivity not only to download the latest updates on golf course maps individually and their own performance statistics, but also receives performance data collected from all SkyGolf products related to their golf swings, practice sessions and on-course play via simple Bluetooth connection to most popular smartphones eliminating the need to use a wired connection to a computer.

SkyGolf’s stated goal is to provide golfers with easy-to-use products which assist in all aspects of their game, both on and off the course and then make their information easily accessible or shared, from one compatible eco-system, with others via smartphones, tablets and social networking that is controlled by the individual golfer.

About Sky Golf
SkyGolf, maker of SkyCaddie, the #1-Rated and Most-Trusted Rangefinder in Golf, is a private company specializing in the development of innovative positioning systems and technology specifically designed to help golfers play better and have more fun. SkyCaddie is the Official Rangefinder of PGA of Canada, PGA of Great Britain & Ireland, and PGA of Sweden.

The overall mission of SkyGolf is to help golfers play better with better information while respecting the long-standing traditions of the game. By using technology responsibly and within the spirit and rules of golf, SkyGolf provides golfers of all skill levels with better and more rewarding golf experiences. The Company’s innovative products include: SkyCaddie®, rangefinders that are preloaded and ready-to-play out of the box; SkyPro®, golf’s most powerful swing/putting analyzer and training tool; SkyGolf 360, golf’s fastest growing community where golfers can go to connect to their Game, their Courses, their Equipment, their Golf Professional and to one another; Swing Labs®, the golf industry’s first unbiased, performance-based fitting solution; SkyCourse™ Technologies, a company that equips golf course superintendents with tools they need to complete daily property management tasks with less effort, less time and less money, through a unique combination of precision GPS maps, web-based technologies and mobile mapping solutions; and the new SkyTrak™ Launch Monitor, the only company in the golf industry positioned to deliver game improvement solutions during practice, play, lessons and fitting at the course or at home. [insert SkyGolf GT1, the industry’s first fully integrated rangefinder and game tracking solution utilizing SkyGolf’s proprietary TruGround course library. For more information, visit:,,,,,, and