GolfLands Dot Net Steals Content

Time to shame a content stealing asshole into removing my content. The website GolfLands dot net is reposting content from here and from the HOG sister site and golf newswire,  All of the posts you can see in the “recent posts” list to the right in the screen capture below are from HOG or HOGWire, and obviously the main post you can see is HOG content.    That’s one of the reasons I often mention “Hooked On Golf Blog” in my posts, so when dicks like this copy my content it shows up on their site.  I also love to post these because often times these sites which are stealing the content auto-post them.  So for a time you might see this post appear on their site.

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 6.32.02 PM

Why Do I Care?

Whenever I make these content stealing awareness posts invariably some bonehead asks me what the big deal is, citing that it is “free publicity” for me and all that.  NO.  First, there are no links back to the content owner, me.

Second, this is duplicated content which confuses Google’s search results and rankings.  It does nothing but hurt the original site which produced the content.

Third, I was raised to believe that stealing is wrong.  Yeah, crazy huh?

What Next?

What’s next is I’ll use that site’s contact page to send them a not-so friendly note to remove my content.  Oddly that side has a contact page.  Most sites like this don’t.  I doubt there will be a response, but if there is, it will be a phony naive response like “I thought it helped you” or “I installed an autoblog plugin and it did it automatically” kind of bullshit.  Another favorite is, “a friend posted it.”



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