Orlimar Introduces Tad Moore Signature Series of Putters

OrlimarFour Putters Feature Traditional Shapes And Washboard Face Milling

Flushing, Mich., February 17, 2014 – Orlimar announced today the introduction of its Tad Moore Signature Series of putters. Each putter in the series of four, combines traditional shapes with game improvement features and a patented washboard face milling. The putters give golfers consistency, accuracy and better distance control on every stroke.

“Washboard-face milled putters improve roll and performance compared to other putter faces,” said Tad Moore, renowned golf club designer. “I have found that new golf balls with different cover materials such as urethane react to the washboard face much better. The ball off of these putters has a better launch and rolls more consistent and accurate.”

Tad Moore Signature Series By Orlimar

TMO – 1: A traditional blade putter with a carbon steel head and a patented 45-degree plumber neck hosel to give the player a better visual at address. The heel-shafted putter, features a cambered sole, sight line in the flange and is heel and toe weighted. The loft is 3.5 degrees, length is 35 inches, toe down. Suggested retail is $249.

TMO – 2: A slightly wider blade with a carbon steel ahead and a plumber neck hosel, thin topline and sloping heel-and toe-weighted bumper. The sight line is in the flange with a sound slot that cuts through the cavity to the sole for enhanced feel. The loft is 4 degrees; length is 35 inches and is face-balanced. Suggested retail is $249.

TMO- 3: A classic design of a wide-sole, heel-shafted blade with a carbon steel head. This is a perfect putter for a player who putts with an arc, because of its open-to-shut swing style. The wide sole utilizes sight lines in the cavity to improve the look and alignment. The loft is 3.5 degrees, length is 35 inches, toe down. Suggested retail is $249.

TMO – 4 (TadPole): The perimeter-weighted non-traditional T-shaped mallet putter features an aluminum head for a solid yet softer feel at impact. It is a center-shafted putter with a long topline to aid in alignment. Rear weighting provides performance on miss-hits and the outer circular ring balances the weight on the edges to aid in the MOI, resulting in amazing, feel and directional control. The loft is 3.5 degrees; length is 35 inches and is face balanced. Suggested retail is $249.

“Customers are very pleased with the look, feel and sound of the putters,” said Alex Resnik, product marketing specialist. “Tad has an incredible reputation in the industry for innovation and quality of work in his club designs. Our customers especially like the classic shape of the putters.”

The Tad Moore Signature Series will be available March, 2014. Custom loft and lie options are also available.

Orlimar has been manufacturing and distributing golf equipment since 1959 and offers a complete line of performance golf products including clubs, bags, balls, carts and accessories. Headquartered in Flushing, Mich., Orlimar is owned by King Par LLC, a privately held company. For information on Orlimar call 888.502.4653, visit orlimar.com


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