Belding Reveals “The American Collection” – A New Line of Handcrafted Luxury Golf Bags

OXNARD, CA. – October 8, 2013 – Belding, an American manufacturer of luxury golf bags and accessories, today announced that the company has released the “American Collection,” a compilation of handcrafted golf bags that embody Belding’s lifestyle of golf.

“The new American Collection of golf bags combines the art of hand crafted production with Belding’s signature sense of style. Each luxury piece features the best leathers, fabrics and hardware available. We are extremely proud of this new line as it is a major component of Belding’s new product initiatives,” stated Belding Managing Director Dan Keogh.

Belding’s authentic handcrafted American Collection is manufacturing at its best. American tanned harness leather accents American woven waxed canvas to personify a classic Belding line of heritage golf and accessory products.

The American Collection features several golf bags including the American Bushwhacker, the American XL, the American Pencil Bag and the American Vintage Caddy Bag. All golf bags are lined with natural shearling linings. Here are descriptions to each of these distinctive golf bags:

American Bushwhacker — Classic saddle design language accentuates the American Bushwhacker, whose original innovation in the 1980’s revolutionized golf bag design. It features a 9.5” six-way top with a full length divider system. Four point harness handle construction with a two-point strap connection make this classic easy to carry and durable. Ample pockets line the Bushwhacker which includes side accessory saddle pockets with belt closure, an oversized gusseted front ball pocket and integrated umbrella sleeve. A coordinated rain hood is included.

American XL – Belding’s heritage signature staff back that dates back to 1965 is beautifully appointed with American tanned harness leather which promotes its rich authenticity to the game of golf. The American XL boasts a 9.5” six-way shearling wrapped top with a three full length divider system. A four point harness handle construction with two-point strap connection makes the American XL easy to transport as well as durable. A full-length side garment pocket and oversized gusseted front ball pocket with zippered valuable pockets provide ample storage space. A tuck-away front strap sleeve and integrated umbrella sleeve with coordinated rain hood complete the American XL offerings.

American Pencil Bag — Yesteryear’s authentic golf carry bag is dressed up with a two-zipper front ball pocket for today’s walker and structured with two stay rods. Sustainability at its finest, this recreation provides both a dynamic walking experience and easy cart ride. An authentic American 7” shearling top is accentuated with a two front zipper pocket for golf ball and accessory storage. The beverage side pocket is vented and a leather belt strap holds any garment. Unlike the larger golf bags, the American Pencil Bag features a two point connection strap.

American Vintage Caddy Bag — Single stay vintage carry bag is manufactured for a lifetime of authenticity and experience. This unique carry bag provides the traditional design for walking. An authentic American 7” shearling top is complemented with a single front zipper pocket for golf ball and accessory storage. A leather belt straps fastens any garment and an umbrella loop keeps the umbrella neatly tighten. Again, this smaller golf bag features a two point connection strap.

Belding – Hand Crafted in California

The Belding brand began in Los Angeles California in 1966 when entrepreneur and golfer Jack Perrin and his fashion designer wife Illah founded the Belding brand that designed and manufactured golf bags and accessories in America. With Illah’s design sensibilities and Jack’s high standards of using only the best materials and expert craftsmanship, the Belding brand of golf and lifestyle related products quickly established itself as the premier American manufacturer to the golf industry.

For over 45 years Belding’s commitment to quality manufacturing in America has not wavered and remains steadfast in combining the finest materials with both the style and design that discerning golfers demand. For more information on Belding, visit the company website at