Introducing Revolutionary Synthetic Golf Mats by Protouch Golf Solutions

IRVINE, CA – October 8, 2012 – With a shared passion for sports, Bobby Crosby, former MLB ‘Rookie of the Year’ for the Oakland Athletics, and Curtis Cooper, former professional golfer, have partnered to form Protouch Golf Solutions. They personally experienced what athletes disliked about artificial turf products and set out to address the issues, seize opportunities, and revolutionize the industry for sports. Their combined expertise for all things athletic led them to develop the most advanced artificial grass driving mats that perfectly mimic the surface of a golf course.

As the sport of golf continues to evolve, driving range mats have changed little and look and perform as they did a decade ago. This is unacceptable in a sport that continues to become increasingly competitive and demanding of its players. Protouch Golf Solutionsknows that the only way to become a better athlete is to practice efficiently and develop confidence through muscle memory. This is why Protouch Golf Solutionsemphasizes the development of safe and durable golf products that are built for consistency swing after swing. Crosby states, “Protouch Golf Solutions designs golf products from a golfer’s perspective, and we professionally execute each design with an innovative solution that golfers can carry to the course instantly.”

Protouch Golf Solutions designs and develops professional quality driving range mats for new and experienced golfers of all handicaps. Each driving mat is specially made with the most advanced synthetic fibers and materials that seamlessly replicate the look and feel of a fairway. These professional and organic attributes help reduce club vibration, providing a more forgiving surface and a perfect mat for golfers practicing their short game or multiple lines. Four patented Real Tee inserts give golfers the option to use real golf tees which accurately simulate a golf course experience. The luxurious 5’x5′ driving mat is capable of 360° rotation and is built with thick, industrial bonded rubber padding to increase overall durability while decreasing instances of injury while swinging. From casual backyard practice to repetitive commercial and professional use, the wide array of driving mats offered by Protouch Golf Solutions ensures that players of all types will get the most out of each swing. Prices range from $250 to $895.00. For more information and sales, please contact For sample and interview requests, please contact

Execuputt Putting Mat

A portable 5’x11.5′ putting mat that accurately replicates a real grass putting green. Ideal for home, office, trade shows, and for the golf enthusiast ready to take their game to the next level. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Comes with two flags and a carrying case.

Protouch Elite Range Mat

The Elite Range Mat by Protouch Golf Solutions is a force to be reckoned with on the range. Developed with the most advanced fibers, the Elite Range Mat seamlessly replicates the look and feel of a fairway. With maximum joint protection, you can rest assured that you are getting the most out of each swing. The innovative four Real Tee inserts provide a number of options for preferable ball placement, as well as rubber tee use. It sits on a 5’x5′ luxurious platform and can be rotated 360 degrees to reduce wear and tear that normal range mats experience. An industrial bonded thick rubber padding further increases the mat’s durability while decreasing the chance of injury during swings. If you’re serious about perfecting your swing – look no further!

Pro Touch Range Mat

The Protouch Range Mat is the best choice when it comes to tee time at the range or in the backyard. Featuring lifelike turf characteristics, the Range Mat features a superb feel and provides a near perfect surface for whaling golf balls across the range and to their target. Four Real Tee inserts offer a range of versatility allowing each golfer to choose where and how they are going to hit each ball. Built to last with industrial bonded padding, the Protouch Range Mat can take hit after consecutive hit and still remain in one piece while protecting the user from injury. This mat is a great practicing surface for lowering your handicap and taking your swing to the next level.

Pro Touch Pure Golf Mat

The Pure Series Golf Mat from Protouch Golf Solutions is every golf purists dream. Designed and manufactured with only the finest quality synthetic fibers and a trademark tan thatch, the Protouch Pure Series Golf Mat mimics tour event quality grass. With professional organic attributes, this forgiving golf mat greatly reduces club vibration making it perfect for practicing your short game and multiple lines. Like all our golf mats, it features industrial bonded rubber padding that increases durability by greatly reducing normal wear and tear. This mat is perfect for any front or back yard, as well as professional applications, and will save your lawn from being torn up!