Boccieri Golf Expands High-Tech Game-Improvement Offerings at Scottsdale Research and Performance Center

K-VEST System and Foresight Sports’ Head Measurement Technology Enhance Company’s Status as Area’s Top Club Fitter

(SCOTTSDALE, AZ) – Boccieri Golf – maker of award-wining equipment such as the Tour-proven Heavy Putter – announces its Scottsdale Research and Performance Center has added the acclaimed K-VEST 3D swing analysis system and Foresight Sports’ Head Measurement Technology to its expansive array of club fitting and instructional tools.

Immediately available for players of all skill levels, these pieces of leading-edge equipment further establish Boccieri Golf’s headquarters as one of the industry’s top locations for Tour-quality club fitting and instruction. Specific features include:

Users swing wearing a specially designed vest that interacts with the company’s software to provide easy-to-read analysis, identifying faults from set up through impact
Summaries can be emailed to students or uploaded online with voiceover breakdown
Compares 3D data to the world’s best PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour players
Also available is K-TRAINER, a two-sensor biofeedback system that provides students with real-time auditory, visual and kinesthetic feedback to help eliminate swing faults, improve ball flight, enhance muscle memory and lower scores
HMT (Head Measurement Technology)
First device of its kind to capture the actual position of the club head at impact, giving the golfer a complete picture of what the club is doing and where the ball is going
Generates reports on head velocity, club path, smash factor, lie, dynamic loft and  impact location, plus all  ball data usually supplied with other launch monitors
Provides real-time ball-flight and clubhead analysis with incredible accuracy, consistency and reliability
“This equipment is not something you find at a retailer or even at other top club fitters, as we spared no expense in creating the ultimate learning environment and customer experience,” says Stephen Boccieri, President and CEO of Boccieri Golf. “At the end of the day, our only goal is to make better golfers and these tools help us achieve that.”

The company’s Research and Performance Center offers a variety of club and putter fitting services, lessons from renowned instructors and opportunities to practice on high-tech golf simulators. Service highlights include:
Custom Club Fitting – Boccieri Golf representatives precisely analyze golfers’ swing characteristics and prescribe equipment for optimal performance; available in a variety of packages that cover every club in the bag
Science and Motion (SAM) Puttlab Analysis – Accurate ultrasound measurements of a player’s putting stroke are relayed to experienced fitters who use the data to determine specific characteristics that will improve performance; available for standard, belly and other long-shafted models
High-Tech Lessons – Experienced instructors use video analysis to create full player evaluations and recommendations
Simulator Usage – Measure your performance stats using cutting-edge launch monitors, enjoy a simulated range session or play a round at your convenience in a temperature-controlled environment
Boccieri Golf relocated its headquarters to Scottsdale in late 2011, following six successful years in Ridgefield, CT, where the company established itself as one of the golf industry’s most forward thinking brands. Its popular Heavy Putter collection and “Control Series” line of full-swing products were the first to integrate counterweight principals.

For more information or to book a fitting appointment please visit or call 888.788.8374.