SKLZ Introduces SimSTIX™ True-Feel Golf Club for Sony Move

SKLZ introduces a golf simulation experience through golf gaming

CARLSBAD, CA — June 20, 2012 — SKLZ, the global leader in athletic skill and performance training products and instruction, announced that it has introduced the SKLZ SimSTIX™ true-feel golf club for the Sony PlayStation® Move to provide a more realistic golf gaming experience for golfers and gamers alike.

Combining SKLZ product development knowledge in golf training aids with Move’s motion control technology and golf simulation titles like EA Sports’ Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise, the SimSTIX delivers an accurate and affordable golf training experience. The SimSTIX allows gamers to practice proper grip, stance, ball position, and swing mechanics while receiving instructive feedback.

The Move controller sets securely in the SimSTIX cradle, allowing players to take full or partial swings and putting strokes while maintaining a proper golf grip. The SimSTIX™ features an authentic golf grip, steel shaft, and weighting of a mid-iron, giving the player a true feel for the swing and taking golf gaming to the next level.

“The SimSTIX is a real game changer because everything about it creates a much more realistic swing and gaming experience than playing with a standard game controller,” said Greg Shoman, vice president of marketing, SKLZ. “And, frankly, it’s massively fun. Play a golf game once with the SimSTIX and you’ll never go back.”

The SimSTIX™ is now available for purchase in retail stores and online. MSRP for both the Sony PlayStation® Move version and the Wii version is $39.99.