BALTIMORE, MD. – December 13, 2011 – STX Golf, world-renowned as an industry pioneer in putter innovation, and for its patented Soft Face Insert Technology, announced today that the company has introduced the Sync 7 Belly (SS7) & Sync 8 Blade Putter (SS8) to the 2012 Sync Series Putter line-up.

Last month, STX proudly introduced the SS6 Putter with its elegant exterior pad lines and flange to create a uniquely shaped head. The newly launched SS7 & SS8 Putters also possess contemporary lines which form an aesthetically pleasing and modern shaped head. STX has long been known as a company which blends innovation, high performance and art to their putters and the SS7 & SS8 Putters are no exception.

STX has been credited with being one of the first companies to develop a belly or long length putter. In 2002, the company had PGA Touring Professional Scott McCarron on staff who earned 1.5 million wielding a STX Sync 3 long putter. Since then, STX has continued to innovate in this ever growing category.

The SS7 Putter features a heavier head with perimeter weighting, perfectly suited for both belly and long length putters. Its wing-like sections add balance with weight. These segments are also designed for an easy, non-drag take away. Optic openings aid with alignment as well as weight distribution. The center shafted SS7 Putter head is finished with a distinctive black PVD coating and weighs either 450 grams for the belly or 500 grams for the long. The belly lengths are 41-inches and 43-inches. The SS7 long putter is available in 48-inches and 50-inches.

The loft specification is 3-degrees and lies are 75 and 79 grams, depending on the length you choose. It is available in both the red and black inserts.

The SS8 Blade Putter is a modern adaptation to the classically designed blade. Its clean top-line seamlessly transitions to a half offset, flared neck hosel. The center of gravity is precisely positioned at the impact zone due to the innovative, progressive muscle back and extended heel design. The modern head weighs in at 360 grams and is also finished in black PVD. The SS8 has a 71-degree lie angle and 3-degrees of loft. Both 34-inches and 35-inches are offered on the SS8 Blade Putter. As with the SS7 Belly Putter, the red and black inserts are available.

Each model in the Sync Series Collection feature Soft Insert Technology called “F.E.E.L.” – Friction Enhancing Elastomer Layer. This patented STX technology dramatically increases the coefficient of friction to put a greater amount of topspin on the ball and keep your putts on line. The Soft Face Insert keeps the ball in contact with the putter longer to also provide superior directional control, decreased ball skid and reduced ball deformation.

The black insert is the softest in the STX line. It delivers the highest friction and resilience rate with increased dwell time. Those characteristics are chemically formulated to get the ball rolling sooner and keep your putts on line. For a medium resiliency rate, the red insert offers an intermediate amount of dwell time for a firmer feel and true control.

The entire Sync Series line including the SS7 and SS8 Blade Putters will be showcased at the upcoming 2012 Demo Day and PGA Merchandise Show. The tenth annual PGA Demo Day will be held on Wednesday, January 25th at the Orange County National Golf Center. STX will be prominently positioned on the large putting green during the entire demo day. The company welcomes all PGA Members, retailers, and members of the media to come by and putt with the new 2012 Sync Series.

Within the Orange County Convention Center during the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show, the STX booth #815 is conveniently located in the Equipment Hall two rows from the main stage. The company will be exhibiting from Thursday, January 26th to Saturday, January 28th.

About STX:

The STX journey to produce world class, technically superior equipment began in 1970.  Our mission is to offer products and choices that go beyond industry standards and conventional thinking.  Our quest is to always pursue unprecedented feel and performance in each and every detail.  When you choose STX, you can trust that we believe in your passion for the game just as much as we believe in the equipment with which you play. So join us on this journey…  The Time is Now.