SKLZ Introduces the New SKLZ SimStix True-Feel Club for Golf Gaming

CARLSBAD, CA — November 29, 2011 — SKLZ, the industry leader in athletic performance and sports skill development products, announced that it has introduced the SKLZ SimStix true-feel club for golf video games on the Nintendo Wii®.

The SKLZ SimStix features an authentic golf grip and steel shaft for a realistic golf experience. The standard Wii controller fits securely in the SimStix cradle, allowing players to take full or partial swings and putting strokes by depressing the controller’s B-button while maintaining a proper golf grip. With select golf software titles such as the Tiger Woods PGA Tour™ series, players can hit shots and receive real-time technical feedback on clubface alignment, swing path and plane, delivering an in-home golf simulation experience. The SimStix, in conjunction with the Wii Motion Plus® controller, allows players to shape draws or fades, and accurately reflects slice and hook swings just like real on-course playing situations.

“The SimStix is a real game changer because has the feel and weighting of an actual golf club, providing a much more realistic swing and game experience than the standard game controller,” said Greg Shoman, vice president of marketing, SKLZ. “It not only maximizes the fun of golf console games, but it also provides accurate feedback on swing mechanics, which can translate into game improvement on the actual golf course. It truly delivers the experience of high-end golf simulators, but without the heavy expense”

The SKLZ SimStix is available today for the Wii and works with all Nintendo Wii® remotes. A version for the Sony Playstation® Move is coming in early 2012. MSRP is $39.99.

About SKLZ
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