Niagara Parks Service Installed a Permanent Plaque on Goat Island to Commemorate Maurice Allen’s Historic Golf Shot Across Niagara Falls.
NIAGARA FALLS, NY (May 30, 2024) – Today in a special ceremony honoring long drive champion Maurice Allen, the Niagara Parks Service placed a plaque on Goat Island to commemorate Maurice Allen’s historic golf shot across Niagara Falls.
“Every person has the desire to do something significant at some point in their lives, many of us accomplish that in some way shape or form,” said Maurice Allen. “Rarely are our accomplishments given this amount of attention and prestige. I’m grateful and honored to have something that I’ve done while on this journey of life that will be remembered for eternity. I hope that I can inspire young kids to go after their dreams no matter how wild they may seem and never give up.”
This is the 5th anniversary of Allen’s historic feat. On May 23, 2019 Allen became the first and only person to ever hit a golf ball across the falls as part of a SKRATCH video series to promote Niagara as a golf destination. Allen crossed the Falls on his 4th attempt with a ball that carried 393 yards and took a bounce that finished at 427 yards.
The ball was hit from the visitor’s center on the Canadian side to the Niagara park on the American side. His 2nd attempt also crossed the falls but was not caught on camera.
Niagara Falls Mayor Robert Restaino, NY State Parks Niagara Region Director Mark Mistretta, and Niagara Parks Chief Executive Officer David Adames attended the ceremony.
Link to historic shot on SKRATCH YouTube Channel – (please credit SKRATCH)
Link to images and video from the ceremony can be found HERE.
NOTE: In 2005, PGA tour player John Daly attempted to complete the task with over 5000 onlookers at Table Rock to watch the Guinness World Record attempt. After over an hour of attempting, Daly was unsuccessful at crossing The Falls.
ABOUT MAURICE ALLEN: Maurice Allen is a World Long Drive Champion, a former Guinness World Record holder for fastest ball speed, and he is the first and only person to hit a ball over Niagara Falls. Allen is president of Orlando Florida and is a Boys & Girls Club of America Ambassador and runs the MA 360 Foundation.