Proven mental approach provides key to superior focus on every shot
COVINGTON, Ga. – (January 23, 2024) – Bridgestone Golf, the #1 Ball-Fitter in Golf, today introduced MINDSET, a proprietary visual technology available on all four of the 2024 TOUR B Series golf balls. The MINDSET process was created by BRIDGESTONE GOLF staffer Jason Day and his long-time mental coach, Jason Goldsmith, and consists of three easy steps that have been critical to Day’s success for the better part of a decade.

“Jason Goldsmith and I worked together to develop a pre-shot system that went beyond the simple visualization I did when I was a kid,” said Day. “He understood how critical pre-shot visualization was to my game, but also knew I needed a more structured, complete routine. Now Bridgestone has made The MINDSET process available to all golfers, which is going to be a game changer for a lot of people.”

The process consists of three simple steps that work with the MINDSET graphic: IDENTIFY, VISUALIZE, FOCUS. The first step, in which players look at the outer, red circle of the MINDSET graphic, involves making critical decisions regarding the upcoming shot. This step requires the player to IDENTIFY the target and gather information regarding distance, wind conditions, club selection, and shot shape. Once these decisions have been made, the inner yellow circle prompts the player to move to step two, which is to VISUALIZE the shot path. This step is about connecting to the target and includes visualizing the shot to the target. In the final step, the green dot prompts full FOCUS on execution. As everyone knows, green means “go,” and focusing on the green dot enables the golfer to clear their mind of all thoughts and swing away with confidence.

“With all athletes there is a struggle to separate analytic thought from athletic performance,” said Jason Goldsmith, performance coach. “The analytical piece is important for shot preparation and calculation, but it is equally important to engage the creative aspects of your brain to allow your inner athlete the freedom to perform.”

Bridgestone has a long history of golf ball innovations dating back to their first model in 1935, and has historically led the industry in polymer science and golf ball construction breakthroughs. With MINDSET, Bridgestone has set out to enhance the performance of the TOUR B golf ball by giving players the tools and skills to actually play better.

“The MINDSET process allows anyone to do what all professional and high-level players do, which is to utilize a pre-shot routine that gives them the focus they need to perform at their best,” said Elliot Mellow, golf ball marketing manager. “When we started developing the pattern, we knew it needed to have a flow and a purpose to it. After some experimentation we came to the current MINDSET pattern with three different colored circles that provide a natural progression through the process. With feedback from Jason Goldsmith, validation from Jason Day, and extensive scientific consumer testing, we are confident that we’ve developed a product that will help all golfers play better.”

Prior to the MINDSET pattern, BRIDGESTONE GOLF has never followed the trend of printing designs on the exterior of any golf ball models for the purpose of decoration. However, the MINDSET pattern is designed to be used for more purposeful shot execution and improved focus off the tee and on the green.

“We have always believed that the only reason to sell printed golf balls was if it provided added value to consumers,” said Dan Murphy, President of Bridgestone Golf. “MINDSET is our first foray into the printed category and it is designed to legitimately help players improve their focus and play better golf. We’re proud of this innovation and know it will benefit players of all ability levels.”

Though Jason Day has been working on the MINDSET process with his mental coach for years he began officially playing the ’24 TOUR B X with the MINDSET pattern at The Sentry tournament in Hawaii and will be playing it exclusively for the foreseeable future. Bridgestone’s new MINDSET technology will be available at retail on all four new 2024 TOUR B golf balls (X, XS, RX, and RXS) on February 16, 2024, for the same price ($49.99) as the standard TOUR B models. For help selecting which TOUR B model is the right ball for them, consumers should visit to use Bridgestone’s online golf ball selection tool.

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