Launches The Power Shift Board

New training aid uses feel in feet and auditory feedback to groove proper swing sequencing
West Palm Beach, FL –, home of the world’s largest selection of golf teaching and training aids, is proud to debut a game-improving golf innovation called The Power Shift Board, a new golf training aid designed in collaboration with renowned golf instructor Dan Frost of Sure Golf, to help golfers optimize their weight shift in their golf swing and unlock true power through proper body sequencing in the golf swing.

Dan Frost explains the core advantage of the Power Shift Board: “This indispensable golf training tool allows players to not only feel the correct pressure shift during their swing, but also to emulate the pressure shift patterns of elite players. The Power Shift Board beautifully facilitates the movement of pressure to the lead side early in the swing, ensuring that weight is forward at impact, just like in all good players’ swings.”
What sets the Power Shift Board apart from other weight shift training aids:
The Power Shift Board focuses on encouraging golfers to push down into their lead foot at the ideal time, improving swing sequencing and impact alignments. This approach is distinct from other aids that may increase lateral sway, providing a more effective and targeted training experience.
Key features of the Power Shift Board include:
Dual Resistance Springs: These springs are designed to provide a realistic simulation of pressure shift, crucial for mastering the dynamics of a golf swing. Audible Feedback Device: A first in golf training, this device offers instant feedback by emitting a click when sufficient pressure is applied to the golfer’s lead foot. This helps golfers adjust their timing and technique in real-time.
“Transition and timing are paramount to optimizing your golf swing,” says President John Diulus. “Take control of your game with the Power Shift Board and start perfecting your golf swing today. With this innovative product, you will experience the benefits of instant feedback, a stable connection with the ground, and a perfect swing sequence for more power. The Power Shift Board will unleash your true potential on the golf course.”
The team shared how to use the Power Shift Board with 2011 Open Championship winner Darren Clarke, a long-time customer of the company, and the popular Northern Irishman and 21-time worldwide winner was duly impressed, saying The Power Shift Board is “better than like products because it doesn’t promote swaying… it’s BRILLIANT.”
The Power Shift Board is more than a training aid; it’s a transformative tool for golfers seeking to harness the full power of pressure shift in their swings, mirroring the techniques of elite players.
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