Edison Golf Updates the Most Versatile Sole in The Wedge Category

Every EDISON 2.0 wedge features this innovative patented sole.
ROCKPORT, TX, September 19, 2023… Edison Golf is a company dedicated to revolutionizing wedge performance for recreational golfers. And part of that formula is that every EDISON 2.0 wedge is built around the patented Koehler Sole, a dual-bounce design that has been proven by thousands of golfers to eliminate the compromise of having different and specialized bounces and grinds in the bag.
The Koehler Sole is the only design to efficiently combine a high bounce angle in the front of the sole and a low bounce angle in the back of the sole so your wedges can handle a wider variety of lies and swing paths than any specialized grind. Proven for over 30 years with thousands of wedges bearing the brands Reid Lockhart®, EIDOLON®, SCOR™ and Ben Hogan®, the 2023 version in the EDISON 2.0 wedges have been further refined for even better performance. The high bounce leading portion of the 2.0 Koehler Sole has been widened a bit and the measured bounce angles have been tweaked. Combined with some nuanced shaping of the sole at the toe and heel, the EDISON 2.0 wedges have been made even more versatile.
“I first introduced the Koehler Sole over 30 years ago,” said Terry Koehler, Chairman and Director of Innovation at Edison Golf. “Over the years, I’ve made some slight adjustments to the design, but this rendition in the EDISON 2.0 wedges is the best yet. It would be hard to find a lie the Koehler Sole doesn’t like or a swing path it can’t handle.”
“It really is this simple. When your swing is steep or you play in soft conditions, EDISON 2.0 wedges will perform like a high-bounce wedge. But when your swing is more shallow or you play in firmer conditions, that same EDISON 2.0 wedge will perform like a low-bounce sole design. No matter what shot you’re about to hit or where you’re playing, you’ll always have the right wedge. “
How did Koehler get the idea for the Koehler Sole? In 1990, he took a golf trip to Scotland with his brother where he quickly found that his “tour design” sand wedge was fine for the bunkers but certainly not suited to the firm turf at the Old Course.
On his tour of Auchterlonie’s Golf Shop, he saw a grinding wheel and had an idea. He went back to the hotel to get his sand wedge and worked it over, creating the first crude iteration of the Koehler Sole. The “dual bounce” design worked beautifully during the rest of the trip with a very high bounce on the leading part of the sole and a very low bounce on the rear of the sole.
Upon his return, he ground and tested dozens of variations until he had it just right, and then filed a patent application on the design (which was awarded in 1994).
Though it has been known by many names (Dual Bounce Sole®, V-SOLE®) through its many iterations, tens of thousands of golfers have proclaimed the Koehler Sole to be the most versatile sole design in the wedge category, as it handles a wide range of turf conditions, sand textures, and swing paths. A recent story revealed the greatest golfer of the modern era has his own wedges shaped in a very similar way. He was only 16 years old when Koehler filed his patent on this innovative approach to sole design.
In addition to the Koehler Sole, the EDISON 2.0 wedges represent a quantum leap in wedge design, as they are the only wedges on the market specifically designed around a multi-year study of the way recreational golfers hit their wedges, as opposed to being designed for the extraordinary skills of elite tour players. They have the most efficient distribution of clubhead mass in the category to deliver better distance consistency, more forgiveness and improved spin.
Introduced in 2020, the original Edison Forged wedges significantly improved wedge performance by dramatically changing the way mass was distributed across the back of the clubhead. In the EDISON 2.0 line of wedges for 2023, an additional 14-17 grams have been positioned even higher in the clubhead, achieved by creation of a multi-level back design that optimizes smash factor across the face. This repositioning also creates a fresh and distinctive visual appeal to the product.
All EDISON 2.0 wedges are backed by the Company’s 30-Day Risk Free Trial. The Edison craftsmen will build you any EDISON 2.0 wedge and let you put it to the test on your course, hitting the variety of shots you face every round. If for any reason it’s not the best wedge you’ve ever played, Edison Golf will buy it back.
EDISON 2.0 wedges are engineered to odd-number lofts from 45 to 59 degrees and are custom built for each golfer from a wide selection of premium KBS® shafts and Lamkin® grips. Requests for even number lofts are met by tweaking the lower number clubhead. Standard pricing is $199.95 for steel shaft wedges and $214.95 for graphite shafts. Shipping is always free, and discounts are applied on orders for full sets of three or more. The shopping experience is clean and easy on the company’s website at www.EdisonWedges.com.
About Edison Golf Company
Edison Golf Company was formed in 2018 to provide a platform for development of the Edison Forged wedges. Over the past 30 years, Chairman/Director of Innovation, Terry Koehler has raised the bar for wedge performance multiple times through his designs bearing the names Merit® Golf, Reid Lockhart®, EIDOLON®, SCOR™ and Ben Hogan®. He has repeatedly conducted robotic and live golfer testing of the top brands of ‘tour design’ wedges in his quest to improve golfer’s scoring range performance. Edison wedges were born from the scientific proof that poor distance control, insufficient spin and excessively high ball flight are built into the traditional ‘tour design’ that is reflected in nearly every wedge in the industry today. The company insists on the highest quality components and workmanship and all Edison wedges are custom-built to order for each customer from the Company’s assembly and shipping operations center in Rockport, Texas.