Send Your Golf Game Soaring with Patton Eagle

What if you could finally be one with your ball on the green?

Patton Design is excited to announce the launch of the Patton Eagle – a revolutionary putter that gives you the power to communicate with your ball using haptic feedback.

“Innovations within golf have not been particularly remarkable the past few decades,” said CEO Doug Patton. “Everyone who picks up this putter can feel the difference and the greater sensitivity it brings, like you can automatically find the center even when you’re off.”

Patton Eagle Highlights:

Revolutionary design uses haptic feedback to inform your aim Feel the subtle energy of the ball as it’s transferred to the golfer Precision milled putter face grooves ensure perfect roll distance Crafted from 802 stainless steel and 6201 aluminum Available in 33”, 34”, and 35” club lengths Choose from three color variations: gold/black, blue/silver, or silver/gray

The Patton Eagle is set to retail for $399.99, or pre-order now and receive 20% off. For more information visit or contact me at

Patton Eagle is an outgrowth of Patton Design—a consultant industrial design firm focused on using product development and innovation to best serve humanity. CEO Doug Patton has been an avid golfer for decades, and has spent years developing a putter that could bring both elegance and function to the sport. Along with the Patton Eagle, he has created over 200 products in over 20 market categories ranging from biomedical equipment to fragrance. He is also the author of two books on harnessing the power and inspiration of creative problem-solving.