Zero Friction Continues to be a True Innovator in the Golf Industry with 12 U.S. & Foreign Patents

OAKBROOK TERRACE, IL (March 15, 2023) – Zero Friction LLC, an industry leader in innovative golf products, including its “one size” patented compression-fit technology golf gloves and its award-winning Wheel Pro push cart bag, recently received a notice from the United States Patent and Trademark Office that another of its patent filings on its innovative one size and multi-fit glove technology has been allowed.
“When this patent issues, Zero Friction will add another patent to its already impressive portfolio of 12 US and foreign patents covering this glove technology; demonstrating, once again, that Zero Friction is a true innovator in this area,” said John Iacono, CEO and Founder of Zero Friction.
Customers are thrilled with how the gloves mold to your hand, regardless of size.
One customer review on GolfersRX stated, “When I put it on I was immediately at ease because it fit perfectly! I was amazed that it also fit everyone else who I asked to try it on. The real difference however came when I tested it on the range. I tested throughout four range sessions of 50 balls with a regular golf glove and 50 with Zero Friction’s compression fit glove. I wish I could say that I didn’t see a difference – but I did. I was able to control my draw and fade with higher precision than I could with a regular golf glove. It’s hard to describe the way the compression fit glove feels, only that the glove molded to my hand perfectly and was incredibly comfortable – and it’s safe to say its the best fitting golf glove I have ever worn.”
A customer on the PGA Tour Superstore website said, “I’ve used many different gloves playing golf over the years. The typical brands don’t last long and also feel like cardboard after 1-2 rounds. These gloves hold up pretty well and I don’t have to worry about sizing issues since I can be a cadet in one brand and not in another. This is the only glove I play with and I’m a 3. If I could get on tour I’d ask for sponsorship!”
Retailers love the glove as well. Zero Friction’s true advantage for retailers is that the universal fit means shops do not have to carry a huge inventory of sizes. Instead, the shops can offer a large selection of colors.
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About Zero Friction. Based in Oakbrook Terrace, Il, Zero Friction is known industry wide for being on the cutting edge when it comes to introducing new products to players and creative packaging for its retail partners. Zero Friction provides high-quality, technologically advanced products for golfers worldwide, including gloves, performance golf tees, balls and accessories. The company established the performance golf tee market, creating the first and only performance tee to ever carry the PGA TOUR logo. Zero Friction’s most recent success story is in the golf glove segment. Zero Friction’s colorful line of compression-fit gloves for men, women and juniors takes the guesswork out of sizing. Compression-fit technology means a universal fit within the various models, and the glove that will hold its shape longer than any on the market. To view the entire line of Zero Friction golf products, visit