Edison Golf Announces Edison Forged Wedge Heads are Now Available for Purchase by DIY Club Builders

ROCKPORT, TX, August 4, 2022… Edison Golf Company, maker of the revolutionary Edison Forged Wedges, is pleased to announce that Edison Forged wedge heads are now available for purchase by the community of do-it-yourself club builders, giving them premium high-performance wedges they can build themselves. These are the same high quality heads Edison uses in their custom build-to-order process.
Traditional wedges have always been designed specifically for the skills of elite tour players who spend years perfecting their wedge games. But robotic testing proves these are the most finicky and least-forgiving clubs in the bag, and this leads to inconsistent wedge play by most non-professional golfers.
Edison Forged wedges are designed for serious recreational golfers and feature a distinctly different weighting design that distributes up to 25% more mass above the impact point to dramatically improve distance control and forgiveness, while also increasing spin. They also feature the patented and proven “Koehler sole”, which combines both a high and low bounce into each wedge for optimum versatility. Quality forged construction and Edison’s durable chrome finish combine to deliver exquisite feel while significantly extending the useful life of the wedges.
“We have sold clubheads to do-it-yourself club builders when they have called to ask,” said Terry Koehler, Edison founder and Director of Innovation. “We recognized that many discriminating golfers like to “roll their own”, so to speak, so now we make the Edison Forged wedge performance available to them by having that option right on the website.”
Edison Forged wedges represent the next generation of wedge technologies developed by Koehler over the past thirty years. Koehler also writes a popular weekly blog as The Wedge Guy on GolfWRX.com. His work in wedges dates to the mid-1990s, and he’s pioneered a number of wedge design attributes that have become common place in the category including raising the CG of wedges with Reid Lockhart® in the mid 1990’s; being the first to incorporate CNC-milled grooves with EIDOLON® wedges in the early 2000s; and introducing progressive weighting to the wedge category with his SCOR™ wedges in the early 2010s and the Ben Hogan® TK wedges in the mid-2010s.
“I have a long history of working with the commercially engaged clubfitter community as well,” expressed Koehler. “We invite any and all clubfitters to contact us about our Certified WedgeFitter Program at WedgeFitters@EdisonWedges.com, or call us at 800-933-4395. The Edison Forged wedge performance superiority can easily be demonstrated in a head-to-head comparison in a simple launch monitor session with any customer. Edison versus any other brand will almost always show the Edison Forged wedges to deliver more consistent distance, improved spin and more penetrating launch angles.”
For more information about Edison Forged wedges, please visit EdisonWedges.com.
About Edison Golf Company
Edison Golf Company was formed in early 2018 to provide a platform for development of the Edison Forged wedges. For more than 30 years, Chairman/Director of Innovation, Terry Koehler has raised the bar for wedge performance multiple times through his designs bearing the names Reid Lockhart®, EIDOLON®, SCOR™ and Ben Hogan®. He has repeatedly conducted robotic testing of the top brands of ‘tour design’ wedges in his quest to improve golfer’s scoring range performance. Edison Forged wedges were born from the scientific proof that poor distance control, insufficient spin and excessively high ball flight are built into the traditional ‘tour design’ that is reflected in nearly every wedge in the industry today. The company insists on the highest quality components and workmanship and all Edison Forged wedges are custom-built to order for each customer from the Company’s assembly and shipping operations center in Rockport, Texas.