Dr. Raymond Prior Joins MindTRAK Golf as Psychology Performance Advisor

KELOWNA, B.C., CANADA – MindTRAK Golf Inc. (MindTRAK), the comprehensive Mindset Training and Coaching System for golfers designed by former PGA Tour player Richard (Dick) Zokol, is pleased to add Dr. Raymond Prior, Ph. D to its performance team as Psychology Performance Advisor. Prior becomes MindTRAK’s third pillar, behind coaching advisor Sean Foley and playing advisor Zokol. Along with the MindTRAK management team, the Performance Team now delivers insight and leadership across all facets of peak golf performance to continue to enhance the MindTRAK Golf platform and mobile solution.
“MindTRAK Golf is one of the few performance resources available in golf that guides players in how to effectively focus on and evaluate their decision making and skill execution, something valuable to all golfers,” Prior says. “Accurate and objective feedback is invaluable for improving decision making and skill execution over time. MindTRAK Golf offers an easily accessible feedback system to evaluate decision making and skill execution to better inform players and coaches.”
Known for building personable, knowledgeable and confidential relationships with clients, Prior is one of the most sought-after names in performance psychology by the world’s best performers. His clients include professional, collegiate and Olympic athletes, as well as non-athletic performers, including Grammy, Tony and Emmy award winners. A Certified Mental Performance Consultant by the Association of Applied Sport Psychology, Prior has also authored several books, contributed chapters to several performance psychology textbooks, and published research in the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology.
“We are delighted to have someone as renowned as Dr. Prior join the MindTRAK Golf Performance Team,” says Zokol, CEO and Founder of MindTRAK. “His ground-breaking work and expertise in the field of Performance Psychology will be an invaluable voice as we continue to fulfill our mission. His addition assures MindTRAK has world-class expertise across the playing, coaching and psychological realms. We are now even better positioned to address the needs of golfers interested in improving their golf games through better mental performance.”
Zokol, a two-time PGA Tour winner, played on the PGA Tour and around the world for more than 20 years. One of the world’s premier coaches, Foley previously taught Tiger Woods and currently works with Cameron Champ and Lydia Ko, among other students. Prior now brings his world-renowned performance psychology expertise to the MindTRAK team.
“I’m excited to welcome Dr. Prior to MindTRAK Golf’s Performance Team,” Foley says. “With the right tools from a playing, coaching and psychological perspective any golfer can improve his or her results and enjoy the game more. His expertise will help take MindTRAK to the next level.”
The MindTRAK Golf mobile app is a unique coaching tool that helps coaches analyze their player’s performance by systematically teaching players how to focus on their decision making and skill execution in the present moment. Developed and tested in competition by Zokol and a team of business, IT and golf experts, MindTRAK Golf strengthens attentional focus on the golf course. Using the MindTRAK Golf mobile app during or after each round will help the golfer detach from a result-oriented mindset and focus on how they are executing shots in the present moment.
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ABOUT MINDTRAK GOLF MindTRAK Golf is a mindset-driven fitness app and platform for golfers. With MindTRAK, golfers of any skill level or aspiration can learn to improve where they focus to perform better over time and under pressure.
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