Tour Edge Develops New Exotics 722 Series Irons

Tour Edge Develops New Exotics 722 Series Irons with VIBRCOR™ and Diamond Face™ Technologies
Two New Irons and a New Ti-Utility Iron Complete the 722 Series Launch
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Tour Edge, the pound for pound industry leader in performance and innovation, introduces their new Exotics 722 Series of golf clubs that will be available for pre-order starting tomorrow.
Today, Tour Edge announced the all-new Exotics 722 Series irons, including the revamped C722 Iron and the perfected E722 Iron.
Tour Edge is also launching the new C722 Ti-Utility Iron as part of the 722 Series.
Both the Extreme (E) and Competition (C) ranges feature new technologies and setups designed to produce different playing characteristics targeting a specific player looking for unique performance qualities.
“We’ve made the tour-popular C722 Iron 15% smaller than the previous iteration with a thinner top-line and shorter blade length, while raising the launch profile and expanding the sweet spot on the E722 Iron,” said Tour Edge founder and President David Glod.
“With the new C722 Ti-Utility, we’ve taken one of the most played utility irons on the PGA TOUR Champions, thinned out the topline and added some adjustability, as well as increasing ball speed to make this one of the fastest utilities you will find anywhere.”
The new ultra-premium, high-performance Exotics 722 Series will be available for purchase worldwide on March 5, 2022.
Exotics E722 Iron – This extreme distance and forgiveness iron is loaded with tech, including Tour Edge’s revolutionary VIBRCOR™ technology and the breakthrough Diamond Face VFT™ technology that gives these irons incredible power and feel.
This larger iron head with a 360° undercut design features a thicker topline, more offset and higher launch angles, as well as extreme distance through stronger lofts from iron to iron.
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…OR A C?
Exotics C722 Iron – This player’s distance iron is loaded with tech like the dual VIBRCOR™ technology inside the clubhead and the breakthrough Diamond Face VFT™ technology that give these irons incredible power and feel.
This more compact design takes a player’s distance iron design and brings it even further into the realm of a player’s iron.
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Exotics C722 Ti-Utility Iron – The new compact shape with added offset of the C722 Ti-Utility Iron combines the look, feel and workability of a traditional forged iron with the extreme distance of a metalwood.
This is a perfect long iron replacement club for players looking for the faster ball speeds, lower spin and optimal sound and feel properties.