PGA Show Deemed “Great Success” by Zero Friction Founder John Iacono

OAKBROOK TERRACE, IL (February 2, 2022) – Zero Friction, well known for its line of colorful line of universal-fit golf gloves and golf balls, introduced three new products last week at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando: the Wheel Pro Push Cart Golf Bag, TheraTec golf glove and TurfTee.
“It was an amazing show for us. We met and exceeded our goals,” said John Iacono, founder and President of Zero Friction. “The three new products received rave reviews from buyers and golf media. We felt like it was important to support the industry by being here, and it proved to be very worthwhile.”
The Wheel Pro™ Push Cart Golf Bag is a three-in-one, multi-functional push or pull golf cart bag. The Wheel Pro ($349.99) has a single strap, six full length dividers and seven zippered pockets. Plus, it includes an umbrella holder and bag head cover. The new golf bag is available in three color choices: black/gray, gray/black and navy/white.
Gary Van Sickle of SI.Com/Morning Read wrote of the Wheel Pro: “Zero Friction has come up with a very clever option for walkers. The Wheel Pro takes up the same amount of trunk space as a normal bag. The only addition is the two 11-inch wheels, which come in a nylon carry bag. All you do is push the wheels into place until you hear the locking sound. To remove them, just pull on a release lever and pull them out. It takes, oh, two seconds. I didn’t have to read a user’s manual. I figured it out on my own because, yes, it really is that easy.”
The new TheraTec golf glove, created with the help of internationally renowned medical expert Dr. Conor O’ Brien, is available in two versions. The first one (TheraTec, $21.99) offers a heavily padded palm to assist those with carpal tunnel and bone injury. A second version (TheraTec Wrist, $24.99) offers the same padded palm, but also includes a wrist strap. Both versions of the TheraTec glove are made with cooper-infused Lycra.
Jason Bruno with LinksNation tweeted, “(Zero Friction has) every facet of the golf glove market covered, including those dealing with hand/wrist injuries and arthritis w/their new TheraTec models coming soon.”
The new eco-friendly TurfTee, a two-in-one product which features a two prong “fork” on the bottom of a high-performance golf tee which easily goes in the ground to safely repair ball marks. The new TurfTee is available in two styles (12.99/30 pack). The Power series features a 3-prong tee design with 66% less surface area for maximum distance, up to five yards longer on tee shots. The AirLaunch features a traditional cup design with air foil holes through the middle of the cup for maximum air release during contact.
“We gave out hundreds of TurfTee samples to participants at the PGA show and the feedback was promising,” said Iacono. “Golfers were happy they no longer have to carry two products in their pockets as TurfTee serves the dual purpose.”
To view the entire line of Zero Friction golf products, see the Zero Friction catalog, visit, or call 630-317-7700.
About Zero Friction. Based in Oakbrook Terrace, Il, Zero Friction is known industry wide for being on the cutting edge when it comes to introducing new products to players and creative packaging for its retail partners. Zero Friction provides high-quality, technologically advanced products for golfers worldwide, including gloves, performance golf tees, balls and accessories. The company established the performance golf tee market, creating the first and only performance tee to ever carry the PGA TOUR logo. Zero Friction’s most recent success story is in the golf glove segment. Zero Friction’s colorful line of compression-fit gloves for men, women and juniors takes the guesswork out of sizing. Compression-fit technology means a universal fit within the various models, and the glove that will hold its shape longer than any on the market. To view the entire line of Zero Friction golf products, visit