More Than Six Dozen Top Instructors Are Part Of Newly Launched BirdieSpot Teaching Platform

FARMINGDALE, NY – (January 26, 2022) – More than six dozen of golf’s leading instructors have come together to create the most complete, diverse and affordable golf instruction website and app the industry has ever seen.
BirdieSpot offers everything golfers need to transform their games. BirdieSpot brings golf into people’s lives in a more convenient, accessible, and affordable way, while still maintaining a connection to live coaches.
Regardless of your skill level, from beginners to advanced players, BirdieSpot has all of the tools you need to better your golf game. View video lessons from one of our 70+ award-winning coaches, ask a question during “Coach Office Hours,” take a live virtual lesson with a coach, shop our golf store and travel to one of our golf experiences.
BirdieSpot is the brainchild of Kelley Brooke, Director of Golf at Bethpage Golf Course in Farmingdale, NY, and the 2018 LPGA Golf Professional of the Year. A protégé of Butch Harmon, Brooke felt the need for quality virtual instruction once COVID-19 took hold of the country a year ago.
“During Covid we needed to pivot our ‘in-person’ golf program,” said Brooke. “The pros at Bethpage and I produced about 150 lectures, assignments, troubleshooting and homework videos and put them online. Then I recruited over 70 teaching professionals to join in. Many of them are award-winning instructors: Golf Digest Top 50, PGA Professionals of the Year, former Tour players, Solheim Cup captains. It’s an impressive list. Now we have nearly 500 free instructions videos on site.”
The BirdieSpot roster of coaches reflects the diversity which golf is constantly seeking. Whatever style works best for you as a learner, you’ll find it among the BirdieSpot coaches.
All aspects of golf are covered on the BirdieSpot site, including fitness. You have general workout videos, as well as workouts geared toward specific areas of your game. You can learn what to eat and how to stay properly hydrated. You can become a better putter, a deadly wedge player, a superb shot-maker, and add distance to your tee ball. There are videos to elevate your mental game and ones to assist in course management. The options are nearly endless.
While many elements of BirdieSpot are free of charge, a premium membership of $9.95 per month gives users 24/7 access to the site and everything it offers.
“This is truly one-stop shopping in regards to golf instruction,” said Brooke. “Beginners can find everything they need to eventually feel comfortable stepping onto a golf course. Mid- to high-handicappers have enough resources here to take strokes off their score. And advanced players can sharpen specific aspects of their games.”
Membership includes: • Live classes with award-winning golf professionals • Discounted private lessons • On Demand classes • Fitness Video Lessons • Mental Game Videos • Printable handouts • Discounts on all Pro Shop purchases
BirdieSpot has the added benefit of developing new golfers, a constant goal of everyone involved in the industry.
“I would like for BirdieSpot to become the Peloton of golf, where we are bringing golf into people’s homes in a more affordable and efficient say,” said Brooke. “You don’t have to spend $150 an hour to learn golf. You can learn it on your own time and in the comfort of your own home, within your budget.”
ABOUT BIRDIESPOT BirdieSpot helps golfers learn the game and improve their scores, right from their own home. Dozens of leading instructors have created hundreds of videos, live classes and on demand tips about all aspects of the game. Users can also book private, online lessons with any of the individual instructors. Some of the content is free of charge. You can also pay as you go for specific instruction. The entire site is available 24/7 to annual subscribers for $9.95 per month. Visit for more information.