Perfect Golf Event Partners With Golf Surprize

Perfect Golf Event Partners With Golf Surprize To Help Courses, Tournament Organizers Raise Money For Charity
PONTE VEDRA, Fla – Perfect Golf Event, a company dedicated to enhancing golf outings through improved technology, formats and fundraising, will unveil its partnership with Golf Surprize, a revolutionary instant rewards program that benefits tournament organizers and players, at the 2022 PGA Merchandise Show.
As part of the agreement, PGE users will have the opportunity to incorporate Golf Surprize products into their event.
Perfect Golf Event offers a simple, variable solution to the growing need for an organizational tool to plan non-profit, charitable and corporate golf events, making its partnership with Golf Surprize a natural one.
Golf Surprize offers multiple benefits to tournament organizers. The products can be provided as an amenity to players, a means to bolster fundraising, and an effective vehicle to engage with sponsors.
At its heart, Instant Rewards gives the golfer a chance to win for their miss hits and there is a 100% chance of that happening playing golf. Instant Rewards doesn’t require the use of an app. The only requirement for players is that they send a text to a predetermined number to register and then answer fun questions like “What hole did you miss the shortest putt on?” When they win it will appear instantly on their phone.
Tournament organizers can determine the nature of the prizes, including cash, pro shop credits and traditional giveaways. Golf Surprize also provides tournament directors with a summary of the answers to the questions so that they can gather information on their player’s experience.
“The response from organizers has been excellent because they want to increase fundraising without a lot of paperwork,” said Paul Courter, PGE’s chief operating officer. “The decision to use Golf Surprize products is a no-brainer for most people. It’s easy, fun and players don’t have to download an app.”
Golf Surprize launched in Australia, where it enjoys widespread popularity, adding to the fun of a round of golf or an event, regardless of how one plays. On the course side, players typically spend 2.6 times the amount of their prize in the pro shop, meaning the program more than pays for itself.
The reception to Golf Surprize in America has been very positive, as courses and charity events are clamoring to use a product that enhances the player experience without increasing the workload.
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