The Chervò and Movitra Eyewear Collaboration Provides a Clearer View for Golfers on the Course

– The two Italian luxury brands create stylish unisex special edition sunglasses that protect the eyes and sharpens vision on the golf course –
North Palm Beach, FL (August 16, 2021) Chervó, the Italian luxury golf and sportswear brand, is collaborating with Milan-based eyewear company Movitra to create Otytus sunglasses, an exclusive model of sunglasses designed with the golfer in mind.

“Chervò is constantly in search of innovative, functional and beautiful things. I came across Movitra, a company that I felt was sharing our same vision, and immediately imagined partnering with them to develop a model of sunglasses that would best interpret the spirit of Chervò,” said Peter Erlacher, Chervó’s creative director and co-founder.

The development of Otytus’s golf-tuned lenses revolved around studies that have shown a predominance of two different light spectrums that can overwhelm the eye. With that, visual fixation, eye tracking and focusing suffer the consequences. The white ball reflects BLUE light, and the greens, fairways and trees reflect GREEN light. To compensate for the battle with light, the Otytus sunglasses feature a special Zeiss polyamide premium plum color anti-glare lens. For safeguarding the eyes, the Otytus lenses provide 100% UV protection.
One hundred percent made in Italy, the Otytus sunglasses also include an innovative frame that comes with a flexible bridge that can rotate, allowing the glasses to fold in on themselves, becoming completely flat. This unique folding mechanism allows the temples to protect the glasses from scratches or dents while tucked in a golf bag or in a pocket. Made with polyamide and a slender frame, the Otytus are extremely lightweight and incorporate a unique patented locking system to store them easily and safely.
A summary of features and benefits:
· Lenses are anti-reflective and 100 percent UV-resistant
· Zeiss lenses – Carl Zeiss is a 170-year-old company that uses advanced technology to create thinner, lighter lens with a wider field of vision and perfect optics with no distortions
· A Tytus by Movitra steel frame rotates in on itself to protect against bumps and scratches
· Matte black Beta Titanium frame temples
· Lenses are a specific color to reflect the blue and green light
· Lenses offer visual clarity with comfort
· Perception-enhancing lenses are designed to enhance on-green performance
· Overall, the glasses are ultra-light and versatile
· Unisex Design is suited for any face shape

The Otytus sunglasses are available in limited quantity in the U.S for $410.00 in the accessories section on

About Chervò

Founded in Italy in 1982 by brothers Manfred and Peter Erlacher, Chervò designs, manufactures and markets luxury Italian golf and sportswear worldwide. Manfred serves as the CEO of the company and his brother Peter is the Chief Design Officer. With its global headquarters located east of Milan in Costermano (Verona), Italy, and its U.S. headquarters in North Palm Beach, Florida, Chervò products are available in more than 30 countries worldwide. Initially, the company was established as a ski brand. In the early 1990’s, Chervò made its debut in the golf industry by combining all-Italian style with highly technical fabrics. Chervò is passionately dedicated to ushering in its Italian roots led by its chic and tech vision, with emphasis on top-quality, eco-friendly and long-lasting apparel that has been guiding the brand for almost 40 years.