DriveForce’s DF-18 Is Now Informed Sport Certified

BOSTON, MASS. – DriveForce, a newly formed sports nutrition company specializing in functional health products, announced that its DF-18 premium pre-round performance blend has been designated an Informed Sport Certified product.
“We always intended DF-18 to reduce the physical stress of playing competitive golf and eliminate the drag players tend to experience on the back nine, but it was especially important to us that the product also meet professional standards,” says Zach Williams, co-founder of Drive Force. “This is why we took the time to become Informed Sport Certified, which marks us as worthy of the Olympic stage. If we were going to be the first on the market with a product like ours, then we needed to deliver on the promise — and be safe for professionals to use in or prior to competition.”

Informed Sport is a quality assurance program for sports nutrition products, suppliers to the sports nutrition industry, and supplement manufacturing facilities. The program certifies that all nutritional supplements and/or ingredients that bear the Informed-Sport logo have been tested for banned substances by the world class sports anti-doping laboratory, LGC.
According to Williams, being Informed Sport Certified is about more than ensuring that the ingredients are not on the banned substance lists – it’s about confirming that, at no point in a complicated, multi-stage manufacturing process spanning multiple countries, did any contamination occur before the product was packaged and sealed.
“As far as we know, DF-18 is the only golf-specific sports performance product with an Informed Sport Certification,” says Williams. “Professional golfers deserve products that meet professional standards, especially now that golf is finally an Olympic sport. Getting certified by Informed Sport was mandatory for us to that end.”
A convenient sports nutrition solution, consumed daily or prior to a round, DF-18 sustains a golfer’s focus, hydration, and stamina for a complete 18 holes. The innovative powdered formula, available in single-serving packets, contains no added sugar or caffeine, but rather a multitude of health promoting ingredients designed to be mixed with a bottle of water and consumed before a round. It supports a healthy immune system, and by increasing the supply of nitric oxide in the body, may help regulate healthy blood flow and blood pressure, and a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.
LPGA pro Alison Walshe has been an early adopter of DF-18. This certification makes her even more confident in being able to recommend it to fellow players. “Nowadays, there are so many products in the fitness space with ingredients I’m not particularly familiar with,” she says. “For professionals like myself, knowing that you could innocently test positive because of an overlooked ingredient and cause irreparable damage to your career as an athlete is a frightening thought. Having DF-18 certified by Informed Sport is huge because that means it’s safe for all of us, no matter what level you play.”
DF-18 is available in Pineapple Passion Fruit, with more flavors to come, for $3.99 per 20-gram packet. To order DF-18 and see what customers are already saying about the new performance blend, visit
About DriveForce
DriveForce (DF) was founded by a team of passionate innovators with a shared interest in sports nutrition and designing functional nutritious products. The brand’s flagship product, DF-18, is golf’s first premium pre-round performance blend. It was designed to support 4-6 hours of playing a competitive or leisurely round of golf and developed with the help and approval of more than a dozen PGA/LPGA professionals, amateurs, and instructors.

The DF-18 formula helps players fortify themselves against hours of play in the sun, while maintaining stamina and focus. The powdered formula is sold in a convenient rip packet and meant to be mixed with water and consumed before the start of a round. In addition, it is a health-food product that may improve heart and cardiovascular health, while supporting a healthy immune system and general sense of well-being. In this sense, DF-18 is designed to support a person both on-and-off the golf course. Visit
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*DriveForce is represented by the National Golf Foundation (NGF) and Kevin Frisch PR (KFPR) in a newly formed golf industry marketing and public relations partnership.