Dragonfly Golf Releases Version 1.7 of both its Player and Coach Apps Featuring a Brand-New Measurement Tool

ORLANDO, FL – July 15, 2021– Dragonfly Golf, the next generation of high-performance sports technology, announces the release of Version 1.7 of both the Dragonfly Golf Player app and the Dragonfly Golf Coach app. Version 1.7 features a new measurement tool that allows players to use their camera to measure their limb lengths.
This new tool provides a quick and easy way for repeated measurements on growing athletes to help maintain an updated account and accurate avatar. In addition to the new measurement tool, Version 1.7 features a new Data Visualization Tool that gives players the ability to delete shots from the activity history.
“This is a big update and we’re excited to introduce it,” said David Stephens, CEO of Guided Knowledge. ”The new measurement tool is a brand new section of the app and will come in handy for coaches working with younger golfers.”
The Dragonfly Golf Player app provides access to the golfer’s performance metrics and avatar as well as the customized coaching instruction provided by their coach. Now for the first time, coaches and players can collaborate anytime, anywhere, in-person or remotely, using 3D technology.
The Dragonfly Player App Features:
Specific shot-by-shot feedback against tasks set by their coach Access to detailed metrics and ability to view a 360° avatar in relation to the specific tasks Ability to immediately adjust performance against the coach’s feedback Can like or dislike shots to feedback based on their performance Discovery mode to explore and understand your personal swing blueprint Activity section provides opportunity to review all tasks performed in real-time as well as mapped over time
The Dragonfly Golf Player app is designed for golfers who have purchased the Dragonfly Golf system, which includes a smart suit and the Dragonfly Golf Player app to access their performance data. There is no paid content provided in this app.
This app is designed to work in tandem with the Dragonfly Golf Coach app, a dashboard designed for coaches to review, analyze and monitor their players’ performance as well as communicate coaching instruction.
In addition to the Player app updates, the Dragonfly Golf Coach app has also been updated with new Data Visualization Tools including:
Side by Side avatar. Can directly compare two swings on the same screen. Avatar overlay. Can directly overlay two swings to reveal the minute differences. Club only overlay. Can remove the avatar and only focus on how the club moves through the swing More avatar lines to reference like ball and sway lines
Dragonfly Golf offers a ‘Player Package’ for the player who wants their own system to improve their game, while working with their own coach and a ‘Club Package’ for a golf club, golf academy or head pro who wants to offer multiple customers a 3D lesson. The company is currently offering a 30% discount off of both packages for a limited time.
The new Version 1.7 Dragonfly Golf Player app is available on the App Store.
For more information about Dragonfly Golf, visit: dragonflygolf.guidedknowledge.com. Instagram: @dragonflygolf_gk Facebook: @dragonflygolf_gk LinkedIn: Guided Knowledge Twitter: @guidedknowledge

About Dragonfly Golf
Dragonfly Golf, powered by Guided Knowledge, is the leading 3D measurement and coaching solution that measures a golfer’s swing performance on the course or at indoor or outdoor practice ranges. The Dragonfly Golf system officially launched at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show, where Golf Digest heralded, “This is the coolest product golf has seen in years … and it might revolutionize the industry, too.” The unparalleled player and coach apps are enabled by an 18-sensor base layer smart suit and Bluetooth technology, which enables remote coaching from anywhere in the world. Guided Knowledge is extending the technology into other sports and applications.