Precision Pro Golf Hires Charles Woodward as PGA Tour Representative

(CINCINNATI) – Precision Pro Golf – a technology company that creates innovative products to help golfers of all skill levels enjoy the game more – has hired Charles Woodward as its representative on the PGA Tour to help service demand for the company’s innovative, tech-forward rangefinders among the world’s top professionals and their caddies.
Woodward is a veteran Tour representative who has had great success growing the profiles of a variety of brands amongst the game’s elite players. Starting in May, Woodward will be on-site at select events, where he will introduce players to the company’s latest products and share the features and benefits of Precision Pro Golf’s rangefinders.
The hiring comes on the heels of the PGA of America announcing rangefinders will be allowed during tournament rounds at this year’s PGA Championship, KPMG Women’s PGA Championship and KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship. Players can use their devices to determine distance to the hole, hazards and more. The PGA of America is the first major body to permit the use of rangefinders at all its premier professional events.
“This season marks the first time in history golf fans will see how the best golfers in the world utilize rangefinders during a tournament,” says Clay Hood, CEO of Precision Pro Golf. “Having a respected veteran like Charles on our team and working with these athletes every week will shine a light on the innovations and groundbreaking technology we’re making in the category, as well as drive awareness for how golfers of all skill levels can improve by using Precision Pro Golf rangefinders.”
Woodward will have the opportunity to share Precision Pro Golf’s newest R1 Smart Rangefinder and other innovative designs with the world’s best golfers.
“I have no doubt that the high-quality and inventive nature of Precision Pro Golf’s products will convert many Tour players into brand evangelists,” says Woodward.
Beyond the R1, Precision Pro offers a variety of rangefinders and accessories, including the popular NX7, NX9 and NX9 Slope models. On all rangefinders, Precision Pro offers free shipping, a 90-day money back guarantee and the only free lifetime battery replacement program in the industry.
Customer service is a hallmark of Precision Pro, as indicated by its Precision Care Package. Beyond the 90-day money back guarantee and free lifetime battery replacement, the company also offers a two-year warranty and guaranteed trade-in allowance, wherein they provide customers a 30% discount for trading in existing Precision Pro Golf product toward the purchase of new ones.
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