Swing Align, Golf’s Most Versatile Training Aid, Debuts New Device

Discover Improved Alignment, Rotation, Connection and Swing Plane for $99
Oceanside, CA – While most ordinary golf training aids focus on one basic skill, the innovative Swing Align device delivers the high value of what it feels like to properly swing a golf club to all golfers for a low cost. When golfers rehearse positions or take swings wearing Swing Align, there’s no mistake, they’re feeling what it’s like to swing more like an elite golfer, with proper alignment, rotation and synchronized connection throughout the swing.

“When we developed Swing Align, we knew there were lots of golfers who’ve never really experienced a strong, connected golf swing with the proper rotation to deliver both power and accuracy,” says Swing Align founder and CEO Chris McGinley. “So many avid golfers have never had the right feeling, or the ability to groove proper swing habits, and Swing Align shows them how. Whether you’re a beginner looking for fundamentals, or a better player that wants more consistency, Swing Align delivers.”

The new wearable Swing Align device features a highly visible alignment rod running through its flexible arm cuffs to help golfers immediately visualize the target line and see their body alignment. End screws hold the cuffs in place, creating a simple device that allows the golfer to make an athletic swing with any club, even their wedges and putter. Swing Align is the perfect tool for arm-body synchronization – no need to put a glove or towel under your arms. The connection belt keeps the arms from separating from the body and from each other during the swing, eliminating the flying elbow and reducing arm runoff at the top. This teaches the golfer to use the larger muscles to rotate and power the golf swing.

Just in time for Father’s Day, the new PGA Tour proven Swing Align sells for only $99, which makes the buying decision easy as a gift to yourself or your favorite golfer. The product can be upgraded to include a Short Game rod that teaches golfers to maintain the proper arm-shoulder triangle to move them at a consistent speed during the stroke. When the bigger muscles control the shot you get repeatable results. Golfers prone to using their arms or hands to flip or swipe at the ball can quickly feel what it’s like to make well-struck wedge shots, pitches, chips and putts. The Swing Align Bundle, available for $139, includes both a Short Game Rod and the Swing Junction kit which adds rod extensions for stronger visual cues, or as a ground based device.

“The Swing Align training aid provides instant visual and muscle feel feedback to ingrain good habits. It can be used to practice at home or on the driving range,” McGinley says.

Swing Align also offers the Goal Post, a simple and effective putting training aid for $39. The Goal Post attaches easily to the head of most putters to supply instant feedback on the quality of each stroke as the user develops consistent aim, alignment, path and a square face at impact to help them make more putts.

Swing Align was developed by golf industry veterans with decades of experience, and with input from PGA Tour players as well as top golf instructors. For more information on Swing Align and to order the most versatile swing training device in golf, visit www.swingtrainer.com.