DSG Global Inc. Establishes Its First North American Manufacturing and R&D Facility

SURREY, British Columbia, April 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DSG Global, Inc. (OTCQB: DSGT) (“DSGT” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce it has signed a lease agreement for its first North American manufacturing facility. This facility will allow the Company to produce its Pacer Single Rider Golf Cart and assemble multiple vehicle types and models for the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry.
The new facility will be located in Palmdale, California, north of Los Angeles. It is anticipated that the facility will be outfitted within three months to begin manufacturing PACER GOLF CARTS for Vantage Tag Systems and assembling EVs for Imperium Motor Corp.
“To become an Electric Vehicle assembly facility and Golf Cart Manufacturer in North America puts us in elite company. This facility will allow us to produce golf carts and assemble vehicles and meet the strong demand. It enables us to reduce delivery times and costs dramatically for our end customers. It shortens lead times and will be more environmentally friendly. We will have a high standard of safety and quality control and be able to provide homegrown customer service. We will be able to produce faster and warehouse a larger inventory, which will allow us to escalate our number of delivered vehicles exponentially,” stated Bill Rex, President, Imperium Motors, EV Manufacturing Division.
Having founded Rexhall Industries Inc., a once publicly traded manufacturer of RV, Motorhomes, Specialty Vehicles and distributor of Buses, imported from Asia, Mr. Rex has been involved in the manufacturing and sale of RV, Motorhomes, Specialty Vehicles, and Buses since 1987. In addition, he served as President of Thor West, (Establishment Industries) a subsidiary of Thor Industries, the world’s largest manufacturer of RVs and President & General Manager of BYD Coach, Bus & Truck Mfg, a subsidiary of publicly traded BYD Industries.
“Bill joins Imperium at a crucial time as we prepare to bring these superior quality vehicles to the market. His experience in all aspects of the bus and motor home business make him a central piece of the puzzle in expanding our footprint in the United States EV industry,” commented Rick Curtis, Imperium Motor Corp. President. “Fleets are seeking multiple alternatives for efficient, clean vehicles and we believe that Imperium’s offerings provide superior quality and value. We look forward to Bill’s leadership to help position Imperium among the leading providers of EV buses and motor homes.”
About DSG Global
DSG Global is an emerging global technology company with an array of interconnecting businesses in some of the fastest growing market sectors. With roots in the golf industry in which it specializes in fleet management with patented analytics, mobile touch screen engagement and electric golf carts under the Vantage Tag Systems (VTS) brand, the company is moving quickly with road-ready electric vehicles for sale in the first quarter of 2021 through its Imperium Motor Company subsidiary.
About Vantage Tag Systems
Vantage Tag Systems (VTS) provides patented electronic tracking systems and fleet management solutions to golf courses and other avenues that allow for remote management of the course’s fleet of golf carts, turf equipment and utility vehicles. Its clients use VTS’s unique technology to significantly reduce operational costs, improve the efficiency plus profitability of their fleet operations, increase safety, and enhance customer satisfaction. VTS has grown to become a leader in the category of Fleet Management in the golf industry, with their technology installed in over vehicles worldwide. VTS is now branching into several new streams of revenue, through programmatic advertising, licensing, and distribution, as well as expanding into Commercial Fleet Management, PACER single rider golf carts, and Agricultural applications. Additional information is available at http://vantage-tag.com/
About Imperium Motor Company
Imperium Motor Company (IMC) is an EV sales and marketing company that offers a wide variety of affordable vehicles equipped for the North American market with emphasis on great design, a green mindset, performance, and functionality. Vehicles will include high speed, mid-speed, and low speed electric vehicles including cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, buses, and scooters. For additional information about Imperium Motors’ product lines, please visit www.imperiummotorcompany.com.