GX-1 Platform(R) Launch

MERCER ISLAND, Wash., Feb. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — GroundWorx® is pleased to announce the launch of the GX-1 Platform®, a turf management platform that powers proprietary soil sensors and sophisticated microweather stations. Golf course managers are provided with a complete view of their golf course conditions, both above and below ground. The GX-1A sensor technology has undergone rigorous field testing and is fully adjustable for any turf root depth. The cloud-based platform consists of an intuitive dashboard, mobile app, alerts platform, and tasks/communications application. Golf course superintendents are provided up to the minute information on changing course conditions. The service is sold as a monthly subscription with no up-front costs.
GroundWorx has been able to attract top Executive talent starting with Dennis Clark, the company’s COO. Mr. Clark retired from 26 years with Fairmont Hotels and Resorts as Managing Director of the Grand Del Mar in San Diego. In addition to Del Mar’s world-renowned hotel and spa, Clark was also responsible for the management of the Grand Golf Club where several top-ranked PGA players are currently members. The company’s CTO, Diego Borrego, has been instrumental in solidifying the GroundWorx GX-1 Platform. Borrego is a business and technology leader talented in developing and executing technical and operational strategies that result in strong bottom-line results.
The company is actively adding to its current partner course line up by offering any golf course a free 3-sensor trial for 30 days. The free trials also include access to a regional microweather station. Courses will experience a full weather picture and use the alerts platform, task management functionality, and communication with their teammates directly through the GroundWorx app. “We are big believers in a ‘try it before you buy it’ sales mentality,” said Dennis Clark, the company’s COO. “We want to bring real value to golf course superintendents and that’s why our sensors are specifically designed for the golf course industry”.
The service includes between 18-72 sensors and a microweather station bringing 20 key data points to course managers. Savings on water usage, decreased power utilization from over-pumping, and workforce productivity are just a few of the cost saving benefits of the full-service platform. “Salinity and Evapotranspiration readings are key data points to help turf managers make timely decisions regarding the health of their playing surface,” Brad David, GroundWorx CEO commented. The company is also in the final development phase of a handheld spot-check device with precision GPS and real-time readings. “As courses start to deploy our service, we will show them the accuracy, reliability, and consistency of the readings, sensors, and software,” added David.
The company has implemented machine learning and AI providing predictive analytics with the ability to make predictive readings without adding additional hardware. Not only is the GroundWorx platform key for the growing season but is also useful to monitor turf conditions throughout the winter months.
About GroundWorx® – GroundWorx® is a Wireless innovations and water conservation company that has invented the revolutionary PaaS solution (GX-1 Platform®). (www.getgroundworx.com)