Two New Exotics 721 Irons Featuring VIBRCOR, Diamond Face 2.0 Technology

Tour Edge, the pound for pound industry leader in performance and innovation, today announced the all-new Exotics 721 Series irons: the C721 iron and the E721 iron.
These ultra-premium irons provide all new design concepts and ground-breaking technology from Tour Edge that takes the Exotics 721 Series to an entirely new level of performance.
This is being led by innovation breakthroughs by Tour Edge, most notably the new Diamond Face 2.0™ and VIBRCOR™ technology that provide the ultimate in power and feel.
The performance and design goals of the Exotics 721 Irons are to provide every level of golfer two extreme distance irons that feature full-face forgiveness and ball speed with a perfected sound and feel.
“This is next-level Exotics,” said Tour Edge founder and President David Glod. “It’s a brand-new direction for Exotics, not only with ground-breaking new tech, but with virtually every aspect of the design.”
The new direction of the Exotics 721 Series was born out of a desire to raise the bar in every metric of Exotics performance, including a major emphasis on power creation and sound and feel.
“VIBRCOR is a new technology that enhances speed and feel in a major way,” said Glod. “With the dual placement of VIBRCOR inside of the hollow-body pocket of the C721 and the undercut pocket of the E721, we’re able to provide the best of both worlds; perimeter weighted forgiveness and distance with the feel of a forged muscle-back.”
These two designs utilize the same basic design concept, with one designed as a player’s distance iron and the other as an extreme game improvement iron.
“We’ve also brought Diamond Face technology to irons for the first time ever with this release,” added Glod. “We were able to cover the entire iron face with up to 100 diamond shapes behind the face in our thinnest iron face ever produced.”
The new ultra-premium, high-performance Exotics 721 irons will be available for purchase worldwide on March 10, 2021.
“These are our most powerful, most forgiving and best feeling irons we’ve produced to date thanks to all this new innovation we have packed into them,” said Glod.
This ultra-premium player’s distance iron is being led by innovation breakthroughs by Tour Edge, most notably the new Diamond Face 2.0™ and the VIBRCOR™ Technology that provide the ultimate in power and feel.
The Exotics C721 Iron features a smaller, more classic shape, more traditional lofts and a thinner topline that is ideal for a broad range of golfers.
Dual VIBRCOR Technology – The Exotics C721 Iron consists of a high-grade, ultra-light TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) injected into the hollow-body pocket to create new speed-inducing and feel-enhancing technology called VIBRCOR.
The proprietary VIBRCOR TPU is strategically placed in two places within the iron to create a feel-enhancing internal technology with perimeter weighting around the entire clubhead for maximum forgiveness and power off the face.
VIBRCOR performance TPU is injected into the hollow-body cavity and works in partnership with an extremely thick, yet light VIBRCOR layer to further aid the feel of the clubhead and to produce faster ball speed off the face, while dampening shock at impact.
This dual VIBRCOR treatment creates the sound and feel of a forged muscle-back iron in a sleek, extremely long and forgiving player’s distance iron design.
The ultra-premium extreme distance Exotics E721 Iron is designed with a larger footprint and a wider sole that utilizes hollow-body VIBRCOR and Diamond Face 2.0 technology.
Full-Face Diamond Face 2.0 Technology – The iron features a full-face Diamond Face 2.0™ technology; the first time Tour Edge has employed Diamond Face technology into an iron.
Different diamond shapes of variable face thickness behind the face act as mini-trampolines to create faster ball speeds and expand the sweet spot to outer areas of the face.
There are a total of 103 Diamond shapes featured on Diamond Face 2.0 that cover the entire face of the E721 iron. Diamond Face 2.0 features three different thicknesses in an interweaving pattern and a face thickness reduction of 21%, the thinnest ever produced for an Exotics iron.
This increase in Diamond Face coverage to the extreme heel and toe of the thinner face dramatically increases ball speed on off-center hits.