Columbus, Ohio (October 14, 2020) — Golf is experiencing a swell in popularity and participation, thanks largely to its broad acceptance as a social-distanced activity. The sport also provides a much-needed respite from the pressures of dealing with a pandemic and affords an opportunity to be outdoors. In fact, some would say that it’s therapeutic. That’s the philosophy of Mindy Derr’s golf therapy program, Fore Hope, which she developed in 1989 and continues today.
For four decades, Derr’s aim has been to combine a personal love of golf with helping others – those aging, with chronic conditions such as brain injuries, MS, Parkinson’s, or stroke. Derr’s work is recognized throughout the country. Today, her organization is a part of OhioHealth Healthcare Neuroscience Center. Derr is an advisor to OhioHealth Fore Hope.
Thousands have been served through Fore Hope using golf in adult day and care centers, hospitals, inpatient and outpatient medical settings, and schools. Fore Hope has been long standing in service because golf is an excellent treatment modality to enhance cognition, mobility, physical endurance and promotes socialization. Hope and joy are some of the many positive outcomes of golf participation.
Derr’s new mission is to share the spirit of golf and its direct connection to wellness through education, public speaking and consulting. The Ohio State University graduate believes that the introduction of health recovery through golf will help individuals and organization in golf, healthcare and communities, realize the importance of golf as a tool to improve quality of life.
Derr, who was recently diagnosed with MS but has resumed an active lifestyle, firmly believes that golf can lead to health recovery and hope. “I am an advocate and living proof for those who need a program like Fore Hope. My aim is to encourage and guide those who wish to develop community golf therapy-based programs,” she added.
“Awareness is key regarding the magical powers of golf that can lead to an improved healthier lifestyle,” Derr continues. “Our world is leaning toward more inclusivity and golf should be the same. During these challenging times, golf is viewed in a better light for improving one’s health and mental well-being. Golf needs to be accessible, fee and facility friendly, and available to all ages and life circumstances.”
Hoping to grow this audience segment in the game, Derr promotes golf as a “community healer modality” and advocates for its inclusion in programs offered by parks and recreation departments, healthcare facilities, and other like-minded entities. This vision of golf “care” paves the way for more therapeutic golf programs.
Derr is available for consultation, public speaking and the creation of tailored programs.
For additional information, contact Derr at (614) 499-6287‬ or