New Fort Worth Golf Ball Company Outperforms All Brands in Distance and Dispersion

The first golf ball company in Fort Worth since Ben Hogan® in 1953.
FORT WORTH, Texas, June 12, 2020 ( -This week, the Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas is hosting the Charles Schwab Challenge after a 92-day hiatus due to COVID-19. But Fort Worth isn’t just home to one of the nation’s premier golf courses – it is also home to Quantix Golf™ Inc., a company who has now created the highest-performance golf balls on the market and the first golf ball company in Fort Worth since Ben Hogan® started his company in 1953.
Acclaimed golf ball designer Larry Cadorniga is best known for his work in creating the Titleist® Tour Balata®, as well as golf balls for Maxfli®, Nike®, and Top Golf®. Cadorniga’s latest work is the F18 Tour and F35 Control as the Chief Engineer of Quantix Golf™.
Ean Martin, Co-Founder, and Chief Executive Officer, said, “As a Direct-to-Consumer ball company, our goal with creating these golf balls has always been to give the player the greatest opportunity for success on the golf course … it all starts with the right golf ball.”
Quantix Golf™ is pleased to announce that the leading independent laboratory, Golf Labratories Inc., recently tested the F18 Tour and F35 Control against current top industry offerings. The laboratory found that the F35 Control and F18 Tour had pinpoint accuracy and leading distance, with the F18 Tour taking the crown as the longest ball in golf™. Both the F18 Tour and F35 Control are on the Conforming list for the USGA and R&A and approved for tournament play. (Test Results Included Below Under Related Files).
Golf Laboratories, Inc. has been an industry-standard in independent, unbiased golf equipment testing since 1990. In 1994, Parente designed and built the first Golf Laboratories robot. The robots have become the testing standard in golf, with 48 purchased worldwide by nearly all major equipment manufacturers, the USGA and R&A. Golf Laboratories has conducted testing for every major manufacturer in the golf industry.
The F18 Tour, which has taken the lead as the longest ball in golf, is comprised of a cast urethane cover with a three-piece ball design, giving players performance from tee to green. The F35 Control is also a three-piece golf ball with a propriety Ionomer Cover giving you distance and low spin off the tee for optimal forgiveness, paired with higher iron spin to give players the most control in iron play.
Steve Jurgensen, PGA Touring Professional, said, “One of the reasons I love the F18 Tour ball is because, for once, I don’t have to give up any aspect of golf ball performance in exchange for another … Distance, Feel, and Green Side Spin is all there with no sacrifices.”
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