Drawn to Death: 6th Volume of Celebrated ‘Golf Mystery’ Series Embraces Art Theft and Death

Following the success of his five previous volumes, sports agent and writer Malcolm Hamer returns with ‘Drawn to Death’, the sixth in his ‘Chris Ludlow’ golf mystery series. Hamer’s latest release sees Ludlow’s own book spark a potentially-deadly backlash from the art fakers it threatens to expose. Coupled with his risky efforts to help a journalist friend write a piece about drug use in golf, Ludlow has plenty of problems to dodge once again.
United Kingdom – Since 1991, Malcolm Hamer has firmly cornered the golf mystery market. It’s the perfect outlet for his runaway imagination, and passion for his work as an agent for sportspeople that have included Muhammad Ali and Gareth Edwards.

The series’ sixth volume, ‘Drawn to Death’, embroils readers in yet another chain of sticky situations faced by golfing protagonist, Chris Ludlow.


Chris Ludlow is troubled by various problems, not least those relating to his girlfriend, Jane, and her unstable ex-husband.

In search of a publisher for the memoirs of Derek Headlam, a renowned and prolific art faker, Chris secures a contract. Within days the publisher is murdered, and Chris and his brother, Max, are warned at the point of a gun to abandon the project. Why?

Are Headlam’s former partners in a scheme to sell his fakes into the art market covering their tracks? One of them is the mysterious ‘D’, ex-British Secret Service, and, like Headlam, a past associate of the traitor, Anthony Blunt.

Meanwhile, Chris is helping his journalist friend, Toby Greenslade, to investigate the use of illegal drugs in golf, and golf pro, Jack Mason to expose an illegal betting scam in the game.

Faced with threats of extreme violence from various quarters, Chris, with the invaluable help of Max, sets about resolving all these problems.

“There is a huge number of golfers around the world, many of whom love fiction” writes the author. “Therefore, the golf mystery market is a lot larger than many would expect, proven by the success of five previous volumes in this series that spans almost three decades. In each book I try to give the reader an original, fast-paced storyline, but with enough detail about the game of golf to interest everyone. All the books in the series are available – and I don’t plan to stop writing.”

Reviews for the previous five volumes have been impressive:

“Unusual, fast-moving, perceptive”. Daily Mail

“Imaginative . . . the plot is water-tight”. Sunday Times

“Goes at a gallop from fairway to green”. Irish Independent

‘Drawn to Death’ is available now: https://amzn.to/2YGz26r.

For more information on the entire series, visit the author’s official website:


About the Author:

Malcolm’s writing career began when he and his wife, Jill Foster, published The Family Welcome Guide – about family-friendly hotels, pubs and restaurants in the UK. It went into 23 editions during the ’80s and ’90s.
The first Chris Ludlow golf mystery, ‘Sudden Death’, was published in 1991 and was followed by four more Chris Ludlow stories, as well as a blockbuster, ‘Predator’, about a ruthless agent at large in the world of international sport. His other books include a history of the Ryder Cup and a guide to European golf courses.
‘Patriotic Games’, was published in 2013 and was initially inspired by a photograph of the Corinthians team which toured Canada and the USA in 1906. His speculation about how many of that team might have perished in WW1 provided the impetus for the novel.
Malcolm has been an agent for sportsmen since the early ’70s. His clients, past and present, include squash player Jonah Barrington, Muhammad Ali, golfer Johnny Miller, football stars Denis Law and Trevor Brooking, top rugby players such as Gareth Edwards and Phil Bennett, and many other sporting heroes.