Finn Gets an App

Missoula, Montana – Finn, the new electric golf cycle that’s adding fun and speeding up pace of play, now has its own app for scan & ride ease. Simply download the app to your smartphone, scan the QR code on the Finn Cycle, and away you go. Developed by Rick Reimers, founder and owner of the long-pioneering golf equipment company Sun Mountain Sports, Finn Cycle is a two-wheeled, single-rider cycle with an electric motor and lithium battery that offers a comfortable and stable ride that leaves all who ride it smiling. Finn Cycles are currently part of the rental fleet at over 70 golf courses across the country. To find a Finn for rental near you, go to
“The inspiration for Finn is the desire to play a faster round of golf,” said Rick Reimers. “Riding Finn is invigorating and sporty while encouraging ready golf. This new app makes the rental process quicker and easier for the pro shop and for the golfer.”
The Finn Scooters app is available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play. From the app, first-time users can view safety and instructional information, review terms and conditions, pay the rental fee and unlock the cycle for use. Subsequent rentals will be a simple scan and ride.
The golf bag sits along the center-line of Finn Cycle offering easy golf club access and riding stability. Finn Cycle has front and rear suspension for a comfortable ride and braking with hand-operated disc brakes. The electric motor is in the rear wheel offering a sleek design. The lithium battery can go up to 36-holes on a single charge though charging after every round is suggested.
Finn travels at the same speed as a traditional golf cart, approximately 15 mph, and offers the opportunity to substantially speed up the pace of play by naturally encouraging ready golf with each player driving directly to his/her ball.
Reimers has a well-deserved reputation for creating innovative golf products that become industry mainstays such as the golf bag with built-in legs and the golf push cart.
Finn Cycle is the first product from Finn Scooters which is part of Sun Mountain Motor Sports, an affiliate of industry-leading golf bag, golf push cart and golf outerwear company, Sun Mountain Sports. Sun Mountain Motor Sports is a new company dedicated to solving golf’s biggest problem: slow play. The company’s new products are designed to make golf fast and fun, with a goal of 18 holes in 2 hours or less. For more information visit