K-MOTION to Launch ‘Smart Tiles’ at 2020 PGA Merchandise Show

Feature Enables Streamlined Swing to Swing Comparisons
(SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.) K-MOTION – the leader in 3D evaluations and biofeedback training technology for coaches and athletes – announces the official launch of Smart Tiles at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL from January 21 -24. Attendees can click here to sign up for a demo at the company’s booth (#1867).
Building off the success of last year’s debut of Tiles, golf’s first launch monitor for the body and wrists, Smart Tiles is a brand-new K-Coach feature that enables coaches to instantly compare key metrics and positions between two swings. After capturing a player’s 3D data, the coach selects key areas of the swing to work on and then compares each future shot to the player’s saved swing or PGA/LPGA Tour averages. The Smart Tiles will turn green, yellow or red to indicate accuracy to the compared swing. Click here to watch a video of the feature.
“Smart Tiles ensures our coaches and their players are able to easily train and track progress on key elements of the swing,” says K-MOTION CEO Michael Chu. “The instant and clear feedback is a game changing advancement in our player development technology.”
There are tiles for nearly every data point that’s needed to properly coach and monitor a player’s ideal swing, including tempo, body positions, wrist angles, peak swing speed, swing sequencing and more. The experience is fully customizable and gives coaches the ability to interchange viewable data based on each player’s desired area of improvement. Coaches can compare as little as one tile or as many as 12.
K-MOTION products are trusted by more than 50 of GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 and nine of Golf Digest’s Top 15 instructors. Beyond golf, Major League Baseball and National Hockey League teams use K-MOTION for better measurement and training. In 2019, the Baltimore Orioles named K-MOTION a Player Development Partner and the official 3D Motion Data Technology of the franchise.
The industry leader in wearable, motion-training technology that makes athletes better faster, K-MOTION products create a complete learning solution: from diagnosis, to supervised instruction, to unsupervised practice. Through patented real-time audio and visual cues, athletes can connect perception to reality and master perfect motion in seconds. K-MOTION creates a seamless connection between player and coach through its cloud-based improvement sequence of evaluate, coach and train.
For more information: www.K-MOTION.com, 603.472.3519.
K-MOTION is the industry leader in 3D wireless, human motion learning for sports, fitness and medical (physical therapy) applications. K-MOTION’s cloud-based products provide the complete learning solution to enhance the measurement, understanding, coaching and training of athletes. Medical grade inertial sensors capture 3D data that best-in-class software evaluates to enable deeper understanding of athletes and diagnose inefficient movement by revealing what the eye can’t see. This understanding is then applied through patented real-time audio and visual cues to coach and train athletes. K-MOTION athletes connect perception and reality to master perfect motion in seconds. According to Golf Digest, nine of the top-15 golf instructors in America use K-MOTION products for better training. In addition, Major League Baseball and National Hockey League teams apply the company’s solutions. Titleist Performance Institute and other world-renowned fitness and movement coaches and physical therapists are brand ambassadors. The company has offices in Scottsdale, Arizona, Nashua, New Hampshire and San Francisco, California.