Sacks Parente Golf Introduces Series 18 Cavity Back Flange Blade Putting Instrument

CAMARILLO, CA, January 14, 2020 – Sacks Parente Golf Company, builders of exceptional putters that defy convention, announces the introduction of its innovative new Series 18 cavity back flange blade putting instrument. This heel shafted blade design features Sacks Parente’s Ultra Low Balance Point (ULBP) technology that lowers the balance point along the shaft between the sole and a point not more than 5 inches above the sole. ULBP technology aids in releasing and squaring of the club head at impact, creating a better stroke and increased accuracy and distance control.

“The Series 18 captures the spirit of the heel shafted blade with the stability of a mallet putter,” said Rich Parente, Co-Founder of Sacks Parente Golf. “Its technology makes this flanged blade a real performance alternative for golfers. The first things you will notice are the graceful curves, cavity sole and dramatic visual presence of this putter. The next thing you’ll notice is the unequaled sound and feel, and how accurate it is, even on off center hits. The innovative cavity sole takes needless weight out of the center of the putter and moves a large amount of weight to the heel and toe which we can augment with additional tungsten, one reason the 18 plays so well.”

Sacks Parente has numerous patents and patents pending in regard to the science associated with their game-changing putter technology. The company uses a standard head weight of 350-360 grams and has focused on technologically advanced shaft, grip and head weight distribution designs to solidify their ULBP technology. This technology results in up to 2 times better feel and more control than any putter with a conventional steel shaft.

The Series 18 is 100% milled and made from 304 stainless steel, with a 60/61 aluminum face insert. To maximize the MOI, the Series 18 has high-density tungsten strategically located in the extreme heel and toe. Along with the tungsten weighting, this putter features a cavity sole that removes weight from the center and moves the center of gravity forward. These design features produce a forgiving MOI of 5083 that is similar to that of high MOI mallet putters.

Sacks Parente shafts have been engineered from the ground up to meet specifications never before contemplated in a putter shaft. At approximately 1 gram per inch, the Sacks Parente shaft is the high-performance engine that powers ULBP. With the help of partners like Olympic CO. LTD, the company has engineered TORAY carbon fiber and graphite composite shafts that are ultra-lightweight, have a high CPM, and a unique dexterity unlike any other on the market. Achieving this level of performance at less than 1/3 the weight of a typical steel shaft is an engineering marvel that translates to more putts made.

At an average weight of just 35 grams or less, Sacks Parente’s signature featherweight grips are less than half the weight of typical grips found in today’s market. These unique grips are designed and engineered to enable the ULBP technology, and to also meet the Sacks Parente specific requirements for feel and comfort. With 3 styles to choose from, (flat, round and pistol), golfers can customize feel without compromising performance.

“The Series 18 is based on a classic design that spanned decades of play by some of the best names in golf,” said Steve Sacks, Co-Founder of Sacks Parente Golf. “We’ve taken that design and infused it with cutting-edge technology and materials designed to help golfers have fun, enjoy the game and make more putts. This putter is absolutely awesome, and we think both amateurs and tour players are going to love it.”

The Series 18 is available with a choice of three ultra-lightweight shaft options: Graphite Fiber, Tour Carbon with Toray T1100G Fiber, and Tour X Carbon with Toray M40X Fiber; three grips styles: flat, round and pistol; and five lengths: 33”, 33.5” 34”, 34.5” and 35”. It features a unique interchangeable and adjustable neck system that is 100% milled.

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About Sacks Parente Golf

Sacks Parente Golf Company was founded by Steve Sacks and Richard Parente, a legendary duo of golf professionals, who as entrepreneurs have founded, built and grown some of the best names in golf. They have advised, consulted and designed clubs for the who’s who of the industry over a combined 100+years. Sacks Parente Golf is based in Camarillo, California, in a facility designed with state-of-the-art robotics and analytic instruments to test and prove the science of putting. The company is backed by sophisticated and strategic investors from the USA and Japan. Sacks Parente Golf is an NXV company.