Lynx Golf Unveils Groundbreaking Junior Ai Clubs and Accessories

(Weybridge, Surrey, UK) – Lynx® Golf unveils the Junior Ai range of clubs and accessories, engineered to suit youth golfers better than any brand on the market by accurately and proportionately re-sizing all aspects of the equipment to meet the unique needs of junior players of all ages and sizes.
Available in the U.S. in Spring 2020 at select retailers and, the collection offers different club head sizes and weights across six height coded sections. Each includes a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons, wedges, a putter and matching bag. As an example of how Lynx resized the clubs to benefit different segments of junior golfers, a 6-iron in the smallest blue section measures 7% lighter and shorter than the next size up, the red section. Similar levels of difference continue through the remaining orange, green, black and silver sections with clubs getting progressively larger, longer and heavier. Each size will be available in both right and left handed versions.
Many junior clubs in the industry are cut shorter but with the same thickness as adult clubs and feature identical hosels and ferrules as those used in adult equipment. As a result of extensive research coupled with the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence, the Junior Ai range includes re-tooled grips, heads, shafts, ferrules and hosels designed to be smaller, lighter, and sized to the proper proportions as the rest of the club.
“Because of the way we have developed these junior golf clubs, sizes grow proportionately with the child,” says Steve Elford, CEO of Lynx Golf. “It is important, because children have slower swing speeds and less power than adults, so to include adult-sized components in a child’s golf club does not give them the correct feel and weighting that they ought to have. It’s a perfect model for scaling up to adulthood and one which takes account of the child’s strength development and increased swing speeds as they get older, stronger, and more confident.”
Clubs will be sold individually with pricing as follows:
Driver (Titanium) – $103.00 each Driver (Alloy) – $48.00 each Fairway Woods (3 and 5) – $48.00 each Hybrids (3 and 4) – $48.00 each Irons (5i, 6i, 7i, 8i, 9i, PW, SW) – $29.00 each Wedges (52 degree, 56 degree, 60 degree) – $29.00 each Putter – $35.00 each
Beyond creating superior performing clubs, Lynx has also addressed the matter of golf ball weight. The Junior Ai golf ball is lighter than standard, making it easier for juniors to get the ball airborne and have more fun. The reduced weight translates to faster flight from the face and a higher trajectory, allowing for greater distance despite slower club head speeds. In fact, independent testing conducted by German-based T&K Golf Research has shown that the Junior Ai driver paired with the Junior Ai golf ball outdrove the nearest competitor by an average of 50 yards.
“Children have pliable, developing bodies, and their joints can be subject to strain and potential injury when clubs are too heavy, or they struggle too hard to get a ball in the air. The lighter Junior Ai ball is proportioned to give young golfers the ability to get the ball airborne and hit shots longer than they would with normal junior equipment,” says Stephanie Zinser, CFO of Lynx Golf. “We also hope the Junior Ai range gives young golfers a better chance of finding success early in their golfing journey and more enjoyment in our beautiful sport. If any company was going to champion the young golfer, it would have to be us – Steve and I have seven children between us and can apply our own experience to the mission.”
Lynx Golf will have the entire range on display at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show and it will be available for preorder through beginning in January.
Founded in the 1970’s by John Riley Sr. and Carl Ross, Lynx® Golf quickly established a massive fanbase among the game’s best players. This included legendary ambassadors who trusted the brand to help them capture victories at the 1992 Masters and 1994 US Open, among other wins.
About Lynx® Golf
Lynx® Golf concentrates on developing high quality, technologically-advanced but affordable golf clubs, backed up by great customer service. In the UK, it has gained a strong foothold in ‘green grass’ golf accounts – retail operations typically run at golf courses by PGA Professionals – with clubs designed and assembled in the UK at the company’s Weybridge, Surrey, headquarters.
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