Lamkin Unveils New Grips, Technology for 2020

Available at Retail Partners in February, on Display at PGA Merchandise Show Demo Day
(SAN DIEGO, CA) – Lamkin Corporation – leading manufacturer of premium golf grips – introduces innovative models and technology for 2020, including two grips in the new ST (Smooth Tack) family, as well as Calibrate Technology, a unique design feature developed to create the company’s most advanced reminder grips in its 95-year history.
These new introductions will be available for purchase at retail partners nationwide beginning in February. Interested parties can sign-up for email updates at and be the first to receive notification about availability and how to receive a FREE grip. Additionally, Lamkin will have them on display at the PGA Merchandise Show Demo Day (Tuesday, January 21st) at Orange County National Golf Center.
The pioneering ST line includes the ST+2 Hybrid and ST+2 Hybrid Calibrate grips. Both are loaded with advanced features including Lamkin’s new “Smooth Tack” material, a special formulation of the company’s Genesis Material. An excellent all-around grip, with or without Calibrate, both models incorporate two distinct zones. The upper provides enhanced traction for the anchoring hand via infused cord, while the tacky lower section gives control and stability to the guiding hand. The midsized-plus profile (plus 2) has a reduced taper to meet the needs of a wide variety of players.
Built to last, Genesis Material, a patent-pending compound that creates a comfortable surface far tackier and more durable than standard rubber, maintains its characteristics in any temperature and/or after exposure to UV rays.
Beyond ST, Calibrate Technology is a major introduction for the brand in 2020. Like the world’s leading club manufacturers, Lamkin is continually pushing the design envelope to find creative ways to improve performance for all golfers. Calibrate models feature the most prominent reminder spine of any grip ever produced by Lamkin to help optimize hand placement, club face awareness, control and feel, for better shot-making and lower scores. In addition to featuring Calibrate in the ST (Smooth Tack) family, Lamkin is expanding on the success of the popular Sonar lines. Calibrate Technology will be available in two Sonar models – Sonar+ Wrap Calibrate, Sonar+ Tour Calibrate. Additional information on each includes:
Sonar+ Wrap Calibrate – The first wrap grip to incorporate reminder technology, it is the perfect solution for players seeking the style and feel of a wrap, but the performance benefits of a reminder grip. In addition to Calibrate the grip benefits from Lamkin’s Genesis Material and Fingerprint Technology, which adds a consistent micro-texture surface pattern for slip-resistant control and omni-directional traction. Sonar+ Tour Calibrate – Also leveraging Genesis Material and Fingerprint Technology, the Sonar+ Tour Calibrate has been engineered to meet the needs of players with higher swing speeds. Calibrate Technology further enhances Sonar Tour’s reputation as a grip for those who place a premium on shot-making. The plus size taper shape is preferred by modern players.
“2020 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting in our 95-year history, as we’re introducing breakthroughs both in material and design innovation,” says Bob Lamkin, CEO of Lamkin Grips. “Genesis Material has been a complete gamechanger for us and the addition of Smooth Tack further exemplifies how the materials used in a golf grip can be engineered to impact performance, confidence and the lifespan of the product. With Calibrate we saw an opportunity to vastly improve the reminder / ribbed grip category, and it is without doubt a substantial advancement over what is currently on the market not only in performance but also in ease of installation.”
Both ST Hybrid and Calibrate models will be available for demoing at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show Demo Day, held at Orange County National Golf Club outside of Orlando on Tuesday, January 21. Retailers interested in learning more about Lamkin’s 2020 lines should reach out to their grip distributor for details.
Professional and amateurs around the world rely on Lamkin’s innovative grips to maximize their on-course potential. The company established its excellent reputation for unrivaled quality thanks to world-class engineering, premium materials and handcrafted, repeatable production techniques. Among the company’s most popular lines are SONAR, Crossline, SINK Fit, UTx and now ST and Calibrate.
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Lamkin Grips’ golf heritage dates back to 1925 when founder Elver B. Lamkin began manufacturing golf’s first leather grips. Today, the family-owned business delivers the industry’s widest assortment of performance-enhancing golf grips that continue to earn loyal customers worldwide. Major equipment manufacturers like Callaway Golf, Cobra Golf, TaylorMade Golf and more rely on Lamkin technology in their most prestigious product lines. Through its ongoing dedication to unequaled product quality and service support, Lamkin Grips is passionately committed to connecting golfers to a more confident, consistent and enjoyable game.