Indi Golf Launches New Website

CARLSBAD, CA, November 21, 2019– Indi Golf, design and manufacturer of high-performance golf clubs, is pleased to announce the launch of its website at The new website has been designed with a new look and a more user-friendly experience.

The site features intuitive navigation to help users quickly and easily find the product and company information they need. An updated fitting guide allows golfers to answer a few questions and instantly receive suggestions for the best wedges to add to their bag. Wedge customization has also been updated to make it easier to select options. In addition to its wedges, Indi Golf’s new line of putters are prominently featured on the site.

“We are thrilled to launch our new website,” said Rob Lang, General Manager, Indi Golf. We feel it will provide visitors with engaging, easy-to-access information about our products, technology and services. Our refreshed new look mirrors the exciting direction we are taking our products and company.”

Indi Golf, which is known for its line of wedges that add more spin, more control and more fun to the short game, is introducing a new line of putters along with the website launch. The putter line includes a blade, Ramone, and a mid-size mallet, Allison, in a choice of matte black or satin chrome finishes. Both putters feature: Precision CNC milled technology; Aircraft Grade Aluminum construction with Tungsten weighting for phenomenal quality, consistency, stability, and feel; Colossal Sweet Spot Technology, which means no matter where the ball is struck on the face the ball will roll the same distance; and Toe and Heel Tungsten Weighting for increased stroke stability for unmatched consistency.

“The introduction of our putter line was the ideal time for us to launch our new website and educate golfers about our advanced Colossal Sweet Spot Technology featured in both our wedge and putter lines,” added Lang. “We are excited to expand our offerings to help more golfers improve their short game and make golf fun again.”

The putter line joins Indi Golf’s wedge line which includes StingRay, StingRay TT, ATK SR and ATK TT wedges. The StingRay TT and ATK TT wedges have been engineered with grooves which run along the entire length of the face to optimize launch, improve control, and increase spin. This design increases spin by 20% on a full swing and conforms to the Rules of Golf. The StingRay and ATK SR wedges feature large open square grooves that increase spin by 50% and do not conform to the Rules of Golf, making them ideal for recreational golfers.

All wedges are designed with Indi Golf’s proprietary ScoopBack, TractionFace, and LaunchControl technologies, maintaining Indi’s legendary forgiveness, spin, and control.

The StingRay and StingRay TT wedges feature a FLX Grind, which is Indi’s original bounce and sole configuration and is optimized for each individual loft for maximum performance. The ATK wedges are designed with more heel, toe and trailing edge relief to allow for increased shot making. This allows the player to open the face and the leading edge will remain the same distance from the ground as if in a square club face position, yielding a consistent look and increased confidence.

For more information about Indi Golf products, and to explore the new website, please visit

About Indi Golf
Indi Golf was the dream child of three good friends who love the sport of golf, and were lucky enough to have accomplished careers designing, engineering, and selling golf product. We respect the sport of golf and have a deep desire to grow the game by bringing its enjoyment to all walks of life. Every individual golfer connects with the sport in their own way, and it is our goal to give golfers top tier, quality product that will help them to not only perform at their best, but enjoy at their best!