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Bid Submission Deadline: September 14, 2019

Revolutionary Golf Club Head Design

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Why should you be interested in acquiring this patent? – What problem with golf clubs does this patent solve?
Blade irons allow greater workability and finesse in shot-making but are very unforgiving of shots when the ball is struck off-center on the club. Cavity-back irons are more forgiving of off-center strikes but have less shot maneuverability than blade irons. Approximately only 5% of golfers use blade irons – many more would like to use blade irons but cannot do so due to the low forgiveness resulting from striking the ball off-center.
What is needed?
Golf needs a set of clubs with the forgiveness of a cavity-backed iron, and the shot- making workability of a blade iron.
How does this patent solve the problem?
By incorporation of NiTi (Nickel / Titanium) “bars” into the golf club head in a design that increases distance and spin-rates, while simultaneously providing the forgiveness of a cavity-backed iron and the shot-making capability of a blade iron.
What do others say about this technology?
Importantly, The United States Golf Association (USGA) issued a letter stating, it is “…pleased to advise you that the iron, as submitted, has been inspected and it has been determined that it conforms to the Rules of Golf.” Click Here for USGA Letter
Harvard Business Review Published a Case Study about Beta Golf and its golf club technology stating the club, “….allows golfers to reduce the dispersion of miss-hit golf balls.”
A metric commonly used by Patent Analysts as an indicator of potential patent significance and value are “Forward Citations”. These are instances where a previously granted patent is referenced in the subsequent patent of competitors. The premise is that highly cited patents are far more likely to be of fundamental importance than those receiving little or no Forward Citations. This Beta Group Golf Club Head Patent has been Forward-Cited a total of 29 times by Golf Club Industry leaders, including:
Karsten (Ping) – 15 Forward Citations Acushnet (Titleist) – 10 Forward Citations Callaway Golf (Big Bertha, Epic Irons) – 3 Forward Citations
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