Top Selling Carry Bag Collection Expanded

Missoula, Montana – For 2019, Sun Mountain’s top-selling 4.5 LS carry bag collection includes the 4.5 LS with a four-way divided top, 4.5 LS 14-way with an individual club divided top, 4.5 LS Supercharged with a built-in battery pack for recharging on the go and Women’s 4.5 LS. For the retailer nearest you, visit or call 800-227-9224.

4.5 LS is a lightweight, mid-sized golf stand bag. For 2019, the 4.5 LS features a redesigned 10”, four-way top with larger areas for woods and short irons and a comfort grip handle for picking up and setting down the bag. 4.5 LS offers ample storage space across nine pockets and the E-Z Fit Dual Strap System for hassle-free carrying. 4.5 LS also offers numerous cart-friendly features including a cart-strap pass-through allowing the bag to be secured to a cart without hindering pocket access, a leg lock system, and cart-friendly bottom. 4.5 LS is offered in eight different colors and a left-handed model. Retail price is $219.99.

4.5 LS 14-way is the ideal golf bag for those who prefer the organization offered by individual club dividers, typically only offered on cart bags, but prefer to walk the course and carry their own clubs. 4.5 LS 14-way offers nine pockets, the E-Z Fit Dual Strap System, cart-friendly features and is offered in eight different colors with a retail price of $229.99.

4.5 LS Supercharged comes equipped with a 7800 mAh rechargeable, portable power pack capable of recharging a mobile phone three times. This power pack has two USB ports, one standard and one rapid-charging, allowing recharging of multiple devices at the same time. 4.5 LS Supercharged has the same four-way top and features as the 4.5 LS and is available in four colors with a retail price of $249.99.

Women’s 4.5 LS offers a four-way divided top, six pockets and is one inch shorter than the men’s bag to better accommodate women’s clubs. Women’s 4.5 LS is available in four colors with a retail price of $219.99.

For 30 years Sun Mountain has been a pioneer in the golf industry, revolutionizing golf bags, golf outerwear and golf carts. Sun Mountain’s many innovations, including the first lightweight golf bag and modern stand bag, have made it the top golf bag company in North America. Within golf outerwear, Sun Mountain redefined golf-specific performance first with the windshirt, then fleece, and again with its four-way stretch, waterproof, and breathable rainwear. The Sun Mountain Speed Cart® golf push cart transformed walking carts and created an entirely new category of golf products. Sun Mountain’s “Ahead of Time Design” motto drives the company to continually design and refine golf equipment. For the Sun Mountain retailer nearest you call 800-227-9224 or visit