Global Sports Management and Azalea House Bolster Event Management & Hospitality for 2019 Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta

ATLANTA, Jan. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Global Sports Management, along with its affiliates Global Travel and Global Tickets, are excited to announce their strategic partnership with The Azalea House in Augusta, GA. The Azalea House is an event venue based around the Masters Golf tournament held annually in Augusta, GA, providing a full service, off-course hospitality experience like none other. The Azalea House presents a complementary open bar, food, and entertainment to its clientele as well as and brand recognition to its sponsors. During this event, our clients will have the opportunity to mingle and meet with celebrities and professional athletes.

Through this association, Global Sports will take over the management and operation of The Azalea House during Masters Week. Global Sports looks forward to maintaining the exclusivity of the venue by adding additional hospitality items and expanding venue space, to increase corporate interest and sponsorship opportunities over the next few years, including:

Access to Azalea House
Premium Open Bar
Premium Style Food & Buffets
Live Entertainment
Celebrity Appearances
Putting Green and Driver Area
Premium Cigars
Valet Parking
Transfers To and From the Gate
Daily PGA Podcast

This is just the type of affiliation and long-term relationship Global Sports has been searching for to advance their partnership program and gain influence in the market place. Marcus Burnell, property owner of the Azalea House, stated, "We welcome our new partnership with Global Sports. We look forward to working with the Global Sports team to enhance the hospitality experiences for our clients and partners." Ron Foster, CEO of Global Sports stated, "What an exciting time for the future of our company and our clients' Masters experience."

Global Sports Management, Inc. has designed, promoted, and produced top quality celebrity fundraisers with some of the world's foremost entertainers and sports figures. They have dedicated professionals that work behind the scenes without recognition, to accomplish their mission and purpose.

About Global Sports Management

Global Sports Management is an extraordinary group of planners and organizers, psychologists and sociologists, trouble-shooters and problem solvers. We recruit the best people, with the passion and stamina to succeed. We created systems around our best practices, converting intellectual capital to systemized excellence, procedures to guarantee operational excellence and a proprietary knowledge database to share information about your group and special needs. Our management team of experts can design any type of program you have in mind. We offer a wide assortment of program levels, hotel selections, charter and many other different ticket options and we are committed to complete customer satisfaction.

About Azalea House

The Azalea House handles your Masters experience from start to finish. Grounds badges, hospitality, transportation, housing, tee times, dinner reservations – you name it! Whether you're interested in attending a practice round, competition round or both, they are available to service your requests.

Azalea House has been providing premier experiences for over 20 years in Augusta and offers a limited number of sponsorship opportunities and ways to activate on-site and engage with our audience at the house.  Thousands of people frequent our venue each year during the tournament and we've developed a portfolio of assets, both with us, our partners, and supporting events during the Masters week.