K-MOTION and Graves Golf Launch Single Plane 3D K-Coach

Company’s First Software Designed for Specific Swing Philosophy

(SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.) K-MOTION – the leader in wearable 3D measurement and biofeedback training solutions for golf, baseball, fitness, physical therapy and beyond – and Graves Golf – the pioneer in single plane golf instruction – have partnered to launch Single Plane 3D K-Coach software to elevate the instruction and training of the legendary Moe Norman’s golf swing.

Single Plane 3D K-Coach is K-MOTION’s first software program designed to support a coach who teaches a specific swing philosophy. Using the company’s advanced 3D measurement and patented biofeedback training, Graves Golf instructors will be able to precisely measure, understand and train their students on the exact positions and movements required to master the single plane swing. The K-Coach hardware and software solution can be purchased here. A K-Player version of the software is also available here. K-MOTION expects to support other coaches and swing philosophies in the future.

While Single Plane 3D K-Coach is rooted in the swing principles of the late Moe Norman, K-MOTION’s flagship product, K-Coach, empowers all golf professionals, regardless of swing philosophy, to better measure, coach and train players. The product allows the coach to understand a student’s movement, plan the precise drills to improve the movement and ensure the drills are trained perfectly every time.

“We are excited to partner with Graves Golf to launch Single Plane 3D K-Coach,” says Michael Chu, K-MOTION CEO. “Our mission is to help every instructor make their players better, faster. Whether it is single plane or any other swing philosophy, we provide the platform and tools to heighten instruction and accelerate student improvement.”

The Graves Golf’s single plane swing method is characterized by a player’s arms and club shaft swinging along one plane throughout the entire swing, which creates an extremely repeatable motion that places less strain on the back. It is taught at golf academies across North America and until now, the company had relied on various video tools to implement its swing principles, which left an incomplete picture for both the coach and the student. By collaborating with K-MOTION, Graves Golf can now provide golfers with real-time feedback based on their movements. The Single Plane 3D K-Coach solution will be rolled out at two-day biomechanics schools across the United States.

“Moe used to call his swing the feeling of greatness,” says Todd Graves, co-founder of Graves Golf and former mentee of Moe Norman. “With Single Plane 3D K-Coach, we finally have a tool that can definitively create the positions and feels that made Moe one of the game’s elite ball strikers. This is an exciting next step for Graves Golf and the game of golf.”

Todd Graves and K-MOTION’s Scott Soderberg will host a webinar on Wednesday, August 15 at 8 p.m. EDT. The interactive experience will introduce the Single Plane 3D K-Coach. Those interested can register at https://learn.singleplaneacademy.com/web-regi-kmotion/.

According to Golf Digest, seven of the top-10 golf instructors in America, as well as Major League Baseball teams such as the Seattle Mariners, and National Hockey League teams, use K-MOTION products for better training.

For more information on K-MOTION visit www.K-MOTION.com or call 603.472.3519.

For more information on Graves Golf visit www.moenorman.com or call 866.377.2316.


K-MOTION is the industry leader in wireless, human motion learning for sports, fitness and medical (physical therapy) applications. K-MOTION’s cloud-based products provide the complete learning solution to enhance the measurement, understanding, coaching and training of athletes. Medical grade inertial sensors capture data that best-in-class software evaluates to enable deeper understanding of athletes and diagnose inefficient movement by revealing what the eye can’t see. This understanding is then applied through patented real-time audio and visual cues to coach and train athletes. K-MOTION athletes connect perception and reality to master perfect motion in seconds. According to Golf Digest, seven of the top-10 golf instructors in America use K-MOTION products for better training. In addition, Major League Baseball and National Hockey League teams apply the company’s solutions. Titleist Performance Institute and other world-renowned fitness and movement coaches and physical therapists are brand ambassadors. The company has offices in Scottsdale, Arizona, Nashua, New Hampshire and San Francisco, California.

About Graves Golf

The Graves Golf Academy, founded by brothers Todd and Tim Graves, helps golfers play better by teaching the single-axis golf swing made famous by their friend, the late Moe Norman, considered the world’s greatest ballstriker. Today, Graves Golf Academy operates schools in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Orlando, Florida, and Phoenix, Arizona as well as a traveling school that moves around the nation throughout the year. To help golfers achieve Norman’s Single Plane Swing and “Feeling of Greatness,” the Academy hosts an online academy – The Single Plane Academy, www.singleplaneacademy.com, which consists of masterclasses and instructional videos.