Bentley Golf North America Introduces Bentley Woods

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA, May 8, 2018 — Bentley Golf North America, LLC, the exclusive distributor of the entire line of Bentley Golf Equipment throughout the North American market, announced today the introduction of the Bentley collection of woods including the BD1 Driver in three loft options, the BF1 Fairway, the BU1 Utility and the BH1 Hybrid.

“We are pleased to introduce this beautiful collection of Bentley woods,” said Simon Wilson, partner at Bentley Golf North America, LLC. “The craftsmanship is superb. Only the finest materials are used to craft these stunning, premium performance woods. I would expect nothing less from Bentley.”

The Bentley BD1 Driver is a fusion of traditional styling and cutting-edge technology, featuring a premium forged titanium body coupled with an ultra-thin crown resulting in a lower center of gravity. On course with the BD1 you will experience a golf club working in complete unison between the head and the shaft producing impressive controllable distance. It is available in lofts of 9.5, 10.5 and 12-degrees.

The Bentley BF1 Fairway has been meticulously designed for ultimate control without compromising distance. The Bentley Fairway, Utility and Hybrid all feature a maraging steel face coupled with a one piece 17-4 stainless steel body designed for explosive distance while retaining a responsive feel off the club face. The Fairway wood is available in a 15-degree loft.

The Bentley BU1 Utility is the perfect combination between Fairway and Hybrid delivering incredible versatility in all playing conditions. It provides effortless performance from heavy rough to sprawling fairways, making it a go-to club in the bag. It is available in an 18-degree loft.

The Bentley BH1 Hybrid has been designed with forgiveness in mind. With a sleek sculpted look, the BH1 hybrid mimics a long iron and offers unrivalled playability. It provides effortless shot shaping ability in a compact luxury design. It is available in a 21-degree loft.

The Bentley woods come with a graphite shaft using the finest Japanese materials, and painstakingly designed specifically for the Bentley Range. All woods feature an adjustable weight system that is placed low to the rear of the sole, producing a high launching, low spinning ball flight; perfect for adding distance in both carry and roll, while also negating sidespin. The woods also feature Bentley’s proprietary, ultra-soft, luxurious PU pin hole grip for incredible feel the moment you pick up the club.

The Bentley woods in this collection feature a proprietary 40T multidirectional layer graphite shaft in flexes of lite/ladies, regular/strong regular or stiff/x stiff. Shaft upgrades are available.

About Bentley Golf

Developed in partnership with Professional Golf Europe, market leaders in the global golf industry, Bentley Golf offers the finest in cutting-edge manufacturing processes and expert hand-forging. The collection features irons hand-forged in Ichikawa, Japan, a town with a historical heritage of forging which goes back to the period of Samurai sword production. This forging technique produces the most stunning feel, consistency and performance, and lends itself perfectly to golf club production of the highest quality. Japanese forging, fused with modern day CNC Milling techniques, delivers the ultimate performance for aficionados. Detailing from Bentley models is featured across the collection of clubs, luggage, accessories and gifts. For more information, visit